Noteworthy Decisions from the January 2015 Board of Trustees Meeting

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Judy Van Cleave

By Judy Van Cleave, secretary, Urantia Foundation, Idaho, United States

Decisions Made

1. Improvements to the Urantia Foundation Website

The board approved updating the “look” of Urantia Foundation’s website. The new look makes it easier for international visitors to navigate the site. The board also approved a new content network management team responsible for keeping and social media current and interesting.

2. Sponsorship of the UAI’s July 2015 International Conference in Quebec, Canada

The board agreed with a request to sponsor Urantia Association International’s conference in Quebec, Canada, this summer. It is part of the board’s philosophy to work with other organizations dedicated to spreading the teachings of The Urantia Book worldwide.

3. Preparation of Systems and Processes for Quality Publications

As Urantia Foundation matures, it is vital that the knowledge of how to translate the book and to print quality books becomes part of the Foundation’s institutional memory. With this in mind, Georges Michelson-Dupont presented the first written road map that details the process intervening between a completed translation and a finished book. With this draft in hand, the Translation and Book Committees will proceed to finalize the systems.

Urantia Foundation has entered a new stage of its existence. When Dr. Sadler and the early team readied The Urantia Book for printing, they knew every aspect of its production. Back then, the book was available only in English and was sold mainly in North America. Today there are sixteen translations distributed in over 35 countries. The book is now available in physical-book form and in digital format. These changes have required that we evolve from an early-stage organization to a more mature organization that is built to last for generations. Employing procedures and systems, like the ones described above, ensures that a lucid and comprehensive legacy is left for those who follow us.

4. Transference of Wealth for the Urantia Revelation

More and more Urantia Book-reading Baby Boomers are asking how they can pass on some of their wealth to Urantia Foundation. Just as the early readers passed on wealth for the safeguarding and perpetuation of The Urantia Book for our generation, so must we do likewise for the next generation. The board agreed to provide help to those individuals who want to give but need information about how to do so wisely. Please visit the Foundation’s Planned Giving website at

5. Revised Terms for Associate Trustees

The board approved changes to the terms for future associate trustees. In the past, associate trustees were elected every year with a five-year term limit. Going forward, new associate trustees will be elected for a three-year term with a possibility of serving an additional three-year term (six years in total). This change allows for better planning, both for the elected associate trustees and for the trustees.

The board also approved the appointing of an associate trustee emeritus if the retiring associate trustee is involved in a project and needs to stay on the expanded board.

Associate trustees emeriti may serve on board committees while working on specific projects assigned them by the board.

6. Organizational Consultant

The board decided to hire a management consulting firm for assistance in defining the role and responsibilities of the next executive director. During this consultation, an organizational assessment will be conducted to ensure that we are filling the right job with the right person. This assessment should be completed in September.

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