What is The Urantia Book?

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The Urantia Book is a revelation of truth for our world from higher beings in the universe. Its teachings blend science, philosophy, history, cosmology and religion seamlessly into a big picture revealing our origin, our purpose, and our divine and eternal destiny, “the agelong process from animal to angel, from angel to spirit, from spirit to God.” The Urantia Book, (558.2) 48:8.4

The teachings include information on the composition, organization, administration, and personalities of the cosmos; the history of our planet; our continuing spiritual evolution; a new view of reality by clarifying the concepts of personality, mind, and soul; the evolutionary experience of our progression towards God in partnership with God’s spirit in our minds; and lastly, an enlarged account of the life and teachings of Jesus. (Source: Theoquest & Education Committee)

Foundation Info

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