Urantia Book Internet School—a Brazilian Experience

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Anna Azevedo

By Anna Azevedo, Salvador, Brazil

It gives me great pleasure to share some of my experiences with Urantia Book Internet School (UBIS). I was initially introduced to The Urantia Book through a friend, and it was the gift of a lifetime!

Like some new readers, I found the book to be dense and difficult to understand. Fortunately, my friend organized a study group, and once again fate smiled at me because this study group was led by one of my professors, Geraldo Queiroz. From that moment my eyes were opened to a world that I did not know, and an ascension journey that I did not even imagine existed.

When Geraldo took a sabbatical to Chicago, Illinois, the group disbanded, and I did not study the book for quite a long time. It felt like an eternity! But then Geraldo returned and talked about UBIS. He told us that Urantia Foundation was interested in offering a Portuguese language course and he would be the group's facilitator!

I was thrilled with this news and participated in every Portuguese course that UBIS offered. The first course was "Knowing the Human Jesus and the Divine Jesus." That study changed the whole concept that I had about the life of Michael of Nebadon here on Urantia!

Through my UBIS studies I became a more assiduous and active reader in the Urantia movement here in Brazil. I am currently part of the group of future facilitating teachers in the Portuguese branch, a beautiful and cutting-edge project that I believe will attract more Brazilian readers and seekers of truth.

Thanks to the UBIS courses, I have built bonds of friendship that will last a lifetime and my gratitude to my teacher-facilitator Geraldo Queiroz will last forever.

I also like to write worshipful poetry and am happy to share one of my poems with you:


Lord, Lord

my way is nothing if You don't stay by my side

Lord, Lord

raise my soul

my being

my attitudes and my gestures

for when I have nothing to present to You

My personality will be all in Your unity

Lord, Lord

This way is full of curves and mishaps

Let my eyes never move away from Your Face

And may my tongue have eternal learning from Your Teachings

Lord, Lord

May I stumble on rocks but never on my words

Lord, Lord

I’m Your creation and let me at the end of this journey

Return to You!

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