Engineering the Audio O Livro de Urântia

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Dan Macias

By Dan Macias, Mount Prospect, Illinois, USA

The audio version of the Portuguese translation of The Urantia Book is being read by a talented Brazilian reader, Eliana Ferrin. This work in progress is a digital recording that will be available for download in an audio book format.

It is my honor to be the audio engineer of this project, notwithstanding that I live near Chicago and Eliana lives near São Paulo, Brazil.

Thankfully, with today's recording technology, Eliana is reading and recording from her home. Once she completes a section, she uploads it to a secure online server from which I retrieve it. After downloading it on my end, I back it up and catalogue it in preparation for processing. When enough files accumulate, I begin the mixing and mastering steps in a controlled studio environment.

This process has been humming along, as Eliana reads through the book, a majority of which has already been recorded and catalogued. We can already see the end of the tunnel when the audio version of the Portuguese translation will be available for download.

What a pleasure and privilege it is to work on this project with Eliana. I am so grateful to Marilynn Kulieke and Jay Peregrine for inviting me to participate in this project. I look forward to the announcement of its release!

Dan Macias in the recording studio
Dan Macias in the recording studio

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