Noteworthy Decisions from the October 2011 Board of Trustees Meeting

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Marilynn Kulieke

By Marilynn Kulieke, Secretary, Urantia Foundation, Lincolnshire, Illinois, USA


1. Year-end Matching Fund Raiser: The annual year-end Urantia Foundation Fundraiser has begun. Five individuals have donated $150,000 to the matching fund. That means that we need another $150,000 to utilize the match. This year-end fundraiser is critical to the Foundation's operations because it is the largest fundraiser we conduct each year.

2. 2012 Budget: The Board approved the 2012 budget. This budget calls for no increase in spending over the 2010 and 2011 budgets. With such uncertainty in the world economy, the Board took a conservative position for 2012. The Foundation's annual operating expenses total about $800,000.

$87,082 still needed
$87,082 still needed

3. 2012 Fund Raising: The Board approved the following three major fundraising initiatives for 2012 and thereafter.

533 W Diversey Building Restoration Fund:

The Board approved the next stage of renovation to Urantia Foundation headquarters at 533 W Diversey Parkway. In October the restoration of three bathrooms on the second floor was completed. Now serious plumbing and bathroom problems have arisen on the first floor. The Board approved the renovation of the two bathrooms and kitchen.

Approximately $175,000 has been raised toward the needed $400,000 to complete the renovation. Your tax deductible donations, earmarked for the 533 Building Renovation Project, are greatly needed. To complete the first floor bathrooms and kitchen, we need an additional $45,000 before year end.

Chinese Translation Fund and French, Spanish and Portuguese Revision Fund:

The first draft of the Chinese translation has been completed and, to a certain extent, revised, but it needs extensive review and revision before it is ready for publication. Our team is committed to completing an excellent Chinese translation within the next five years.

Teams are working on the revisions of the Spanish and Portuguese translations, and completion for both is anticipated in five to seven years. The French revision is underway and should be completed within the next two years.

To complete the Chinese translation and the revision of the Spanish and Portuguese translations, Urantia Foundation needs to raise at least $300,000. Revisions, and especially translations, can be costly, not to mention the costs of distribution. Your tax deductible donations marked for translations are needed and greatly appreciated.

The General Fund:

This fund is used to pay for book printings, book distribution, salaries, education, etcetera.

Leathersoft Urantia Book
LeatherSoft™ Urantia Book

4. New English LeatherSoft™ Books for Christmas: The Board viewed the two versions of the new LeatherSoft™ edition of The Urantia Book. The elegant covers in combination with thinner, more opaque paper and state-of-the-art printing and layout make this as fine a book as the Foundation has ever printed. While being thin and light weight, this Standard Reference Text edition also features a ribbon, gold-gilded edges, and paper that almost eliminates bleed through type.

These books will make wonderful gifts for the holiday season. Between now and December 18, you may buy the books for $24.95 each plus shipping compared to the normal price of $39.95. Study groups listed in the Urantia Book Study Group Portal may buy five books for $99.88 plus shipping. This price is a 50% discount. If your study group is not listed in the Urantia Book Study Group Portal, please sign up now at

5. Translations: The Board approved the following resolutions regarding the translation work:

Resolution Regarding Website Revisions

For many reasons, there is a need to have one master database for the most current revisions of a translation. Therefore the Board resolved that all translations and revisions are done using the Urantia Foundation Translation website. Individuals willing to translate The Urantia Book or revise an existing translation are directed to the Manager of Translations to implement this policy.

Resolution Regarding a Hebrew Translation

The Board authorized the Manager of Translations to review a proposal recently submitted to Urantia Foundation regarding a Hebrew translation.

Resolution Regarding the Chinese Translation

Because the Chinese translation of The Urantia Book is a high priority for Urantia Foundation, the Board authorized the Manager of Translations to finalize a contract with the Chinese revisers.

6. Governance and Nominations Committee: The Board voted to expand the duties of the Governance Committee to include nominations to the Board. The new committee will be named the Governance and Nominations Committee.

7. Historical Archive Project: The Board voted to establish an archive of information on the history of The Urantia Book.

8. Book Sales Information Program: Due to the global expansion of Urantia Book distribution, the increased need for data and the changing complexity of the world book industry, the Board appointed Irmeli Ivalo-Sjölie to test an information gathering program. Irmeli will organize a group of volunteers in Europe and Brazil to visit book stores and report back on the availability and pricing of The Urantia Book in their countries.

9.  Electronic Management Committee: The Board approved the establishment of this committee to do the following:

  • Develop and up-date Urantia Foundation's translation website.
  • Develop, maintain and up-date all electronic files concerning The Urantia Book and its translations.
  • Develop a strategy pertaining to electronic file security.
  • Adapt The Urantia Book and its translations to new media.
  • Develop presence and visibility of Urantia Foundation in the electronic world

The Electronic Management Committee is chaired by Georges Michelson-Dupont and its members include: Jay Peregrine, Rogerio Da Silva, and Rob Reno.

10.  Education Committee: The role of education in the work of Urantia Foundation continues to increase in importance. The Urantia Book Internet School (UBIS) now offers courses in English and Spanish and will begin offering courses in Portuguese next year. The history project, educational seminars, and other educational programs are gaining momentum. Urantia Foundation is slowly but steadily becoming an educational institution.


Forward progress on most initiatives continues with vigor at Urantia Foundation. With book sales growing in 2011 and internet downloads exceeding book sales by six to one, the work and opportunities for service are ever expanding. Thanks to the efforts of so many readers, the Urantia Revelation keeps seeding cultures throughout the world.

The Trustees, expanded board, and staff at Urantia Foundation wish you the happiest of holidays and a new year that is blessed by the love of our Father.

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