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By Evett Twyford, Illinois, USA

Our days are often crowded with the activities of necessity: family, work, play. We seem to be bombarded by the clanging of multi-media (distracting us) supposedly keeping us "informed." Yes, there is much to be aware of and stay alert to. Yes, busy, busy people ─ busy, busy planet.

"Urantia is now quivering on the very brink of one of its most amazing and enthralling epochs of social readjustment, moral quickening, and spiritual enlightenment." (2082.7) 195:9.2

As this amazing epoch unfolds before us, with its heightened energy, it becomes evident to me that one must, with purpose, seek out that which is seemingly elusive: the Still, the Quiet.

This Stillness ─ this "Quiet" ─ is essential to our personal growth.

"Quiet meditation..." (1513.0) 136:3.3, "to pray...amidst the quiet surroundings…" (1620.12) 144:3.14, "...peace, be quiet..." (1695.1) 151:5.5, "...a period of quiet and rest..." (1734.5) 156.1.3.

Additionally, our mission work as students and teachers of the Truth, Beauty and Goodness we fondly embrace in the teachings of The Urantia Book, is to be performed in a quiet manner.

Repeatedly we are reminded of this, as shown in the following excerpts: "The Master's plan of sending them out to labor in a quiet and personal manner..." (1540.3) 138:2.10, "...going about his Father's business in the most quiet and undramatic manner..." (1543.3) 138:6.5, "Jesus had planned for a quiet missionary campaign..." (1543.4) 138:7.1, "...months of quiet work...a great test to the apostles..." (1546.4) 138:9.2, "Their efforts were chiefly of a more quiet and personal nature..." (1595.3) 141:8.2, "…to do some quiet work..." (1617.3) 144:0.3.

As we contemplate the unfolding of life on Urantia, let us also endeavor to seek out and embrace the calming, prosperous influence of Quiet. God bless!

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