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Paul Jaworski, Gosia Jaworski

By Paul and Gosia Jaworski, Adelaide, Australia.

Editor's Note: In the last issue of News Online, (Volume 3, Issue 2, June 2009) we highlighted the need for support in translating The Urantia Book into Chinese. Paul and Gosia Jaworski responded with a hopeful note.

Recently we updated our international website and found new links, in many languages, to informative sites and blogs that are related to The Urantia Book. We checked the information on a variety of websites using an automatic translator. The number of these websites is about threefold more than it was in 2004 when we first put our website on the internet. This is very uplifting! For example, in the Chinese section of our website, there was only one link to a related site for several years. Today there are seven.

To our surprise, we found fragments of a Chinese translation of The Urantia Book together with a list of specific terminology of the book in English and Chinese. In the latest Urantia Foundation's News Online (June 2009), an appeal was made to find readers to review the Chinese translation. Maybe some of the people who created those blogs in Chinese will be able to help in this task. Since they translated those fragments of the book, they must speak Chinese and English. On those blogs/forums some people are very interested in completing the Chinese translation. Unfortunately, we can not contact them because some blogs require registration and login before sending any message. Such registration necessitates at least a basic knowledge of Chinese, which in our case is limited to about ten words.

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