From the President: Why Unity is Needed

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Richard Keeler

Look at your Urantia Book. At the spine it is stitched and tightly bound together. But around the remaining edges, all of the pages are free. You can flip through them with ease and turn to any page.

The publishing responsibility of Urantia Foundation is like that. The Foundation's legal mandate is "to perpetually preserve inviolate the text of The Urantia Book." By the copyright, the Foundation "stitches the spine so firmly" that not a page can be added or lost. But at the same time, the Book is flexible in that, with freedom and ease, all who desire to study it may open it and engage in the exhilarating quest for spiritual truth.

In our ongoing mission to make the Book and its teachings available to all the peoples of our planet and to generations yet unborn, the Urantia Foundation needs the good will and cooperation of everyone.

Consider the geometry of concentric circles. Webster's New World Dictionary defines "concentric" as "having a center in common." If you had an infinitely large sheet of paper, you could draw an infinite number of different concentric circles on it, and none of them would ever intersect, interfere, or conflict with another because all of them would share the same invisible center-point.

Likewise, all of the individuals and organizations dedicated to The Urantia Book share the same center-point of God. If our heavenly Father is the invisible center of our various social circles, we can at least experience spiritual unity. " [We] do not have to see alike or feel alike or even think alike in order to spiritually be alike" [1591:6]. We shall not agree on everything, but we can work together in the spirit of love, understanding, and tolerance.

Let us therefore pray that we may stay centered on our heavenly Father and seek, above all, to do his will in the advancement of the kingdom and the resolution of any differences. Spiritually unified and motivated by the spirit of cooperation, we can help one another and all of our brothers and sisters fulfill our highest potentials as children of God.

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