Book Clubs Program:

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Urantia Foundation, in an effort to introduce and disseminate Urantia Books in countries lacking established distribution channels, will recognize and sell books directly to “Urantia Book Clubs.” These clubs may purchase books directly from Urantia Foundation in quantities of 10 or more at wholesale prices.

Club guidelines are as follows:

  1. The club must agree not to sell books to bookstores or any other type of retailer.
  2. The club may sell books at the price of its choosing to friends, family members, or other club members.
  3. Clubs must prepay for their orders including freight costs.
  4. Clubs in countries with mature book markets, such as exist in the United States, do not qualify for book club discounts.

If you think your group qualifies as a Urantia Book Club, and you would like to participate in this program, please contact Urantia Foundation at [email protected].

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