Term List for The Urantia Book

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Term List for The Urantia Book


A level of cosmic reality between the absolute and the finite, characterized by things and beings without beginnings or endings and by the transcendence of time and space, 0:1.12 (2:12), 115:1.3 (1260.4)


The human associate of Van and outstanding human hero of the Lucifer rebellion, 67:3.8 (757.1)

Ancients of Days

The rulers of the seven superuniverses, who govern in groups of three, 15:0.2 (164.2), 18:3.5 (209.7)


The primary blends of the pure-line violet race and the Nodites plus the evolutionary peoples, 78:4.1 (871.7)


The Nebadon name given to the first human male, signifying “the first Fatherlike creature to exhibit human perfection hunger,” 63:0.2–3 (711.2–3)


The highest type of spirit being produced in large numbers in a local universe, dedicated to the work of creature survival and mortal ascension, 37:3.1–2 (408.4–5)

Ascending Mortal

A mortal personality who has survived death and is traversing the universe levels from the mansion worlds to Paradise, 112:7.12 (1239.1)


One of the seven sacred worlds of the Father and the rendezvous of the ascendant creatures of space, 13:1.21 (147.2)


Paradise Sons of service and bestowal to the individual planets of the local universes, 20:2.3 (225.2)

Bright and Morning Star

The first order of Universe Aids, the first-born of all creatures native to a local universe, and its chief executive. In Nebadon he is Gabriel of Salvington, 37:1.9 (406.11)

Brilliant Evening Stars

The second order of Universe Aids, they serve chiefly as liaison officers of the local universe chief executive, 37:1.3 (406.5), 37:2.1 (407.1)


Former Planetary Prince of Urantia, a secondary Lanonandek, who defaulted during the Lucifer rebellion, 66:0.2 (741.2), 93:10.6 (1025.2)

Central Universe

Havona, the never-beginning, never-ending creation of divine perfection at the heart of which is Paradise, 0:0.5 (1.5)

Christ Michael

The Paradise Creator Son of Nebadon, one of the order of Michael. Because of the name associated with his seventh and final bestowal on Urantia, he is sometimes spoken of as Christ Michael, 33:1.1 (366.2)

The Conjoint Actor

One of the names of the Third Source and Center, designating his function as the joint representative and partnership executive of the Father-Son, 9:1.1 (98.6)

Creator Sons

The first Paradise order of sonship, created by the Father and the Son, the makers and rulers of the local universes, 21:0.1 (234.1), 35:0.1 (384.1)


The headquarters of the Planetary Prince on Urantia, named in honor of Daligastia, 66:3.3 (743.4)


The Havona name for the Trinity Teacher Sons, Paradise Sons who visit planets when the time is ripe to initiate a spiritual age, 20:7.1 (230.3), 20:9.1 (231.5)

The Deity Absolute

One of the two primal differentials of reality, the deified or Qualified Absolute, within which all divinity activities take place, existing in tension with the undeified or Unqualified Absolute, 0:4.5 (7.3), 0:11.6 (14.4)

Divine Counselors

Trinity-origin beings who are the counsel of Deity to the realms of the seven superuniverses, 19:3.1 (216.5)

The Divine Minister

A Creative Daughter of the Infinite Spirit who is the actual and effective helper of the Creator Son of a local universe, 21:2.2 (235.5)


One of the seven sacred worlds of the Father, the home of Thought Adjusters, 13:1.4 (144.4)


The headquarters of the constellation of Norlatiadek, 15:7.6 (174.6)

The Eternal Son

One of the names of God the Son, the Second Person of Deity, 0:2.13 (4.7)

Eternals of Days

The directors and perfect administrators of the Havona spheres, 10:6.7 (114.8), 14:3.3 (155.6)

Faithfuls of Days

The Paradise counselors to the Most High rulers of the constellation governments, 15:10.17 (179.4)


Refers to the personality partnership of absolute thought-word union by the Universal Father and the Eternal Son, which is represented and known through the Infinite Spirit, 8:3.1 (93.3), 8:3.6 (93.8)


A glorified ascendant being who has ascended to Paradise, attained perfection, and found the Father, 10:8.7 (116.8), 31:0.8 (345.8)

The First Source and Center

One of the names of the Universal Father, the First Person of Deity, the creator, controller, and upholder who is primal in all domains, 0:2.12 (4.6), 0:3.11 (5.10)


The Nebadon name given to the first human female, signifying “the first Sonlike creature to exhibit human perfection hunger,” 63:0.2–3 (711.2–3)

Force Organizers

Paradise-based beings who transmute primordial force into gravity-responsive energy, 29:5.1 (329.1), 9:5.5 (329.5)

God the Absolute

The experientializing God of transcended superpersonal values and divinity meanings, an actualizing Deity personality power-personalizing in the growing universes, now existential as the Deity Absolute, 0:2.18 (4.12), 0:7.1 (10.6)

God the Father

The Universal Father, the First Person of Deity, 0:2.7–8 (4.1–2), 0:2.12 (4.6)

God the Sevenfold

The seven levels of Deity personality functioning in time and space as the evolutionary creature’s approach to Deity, beginning with the Creator Sons and leading up to God the Father, 0:2.15 (4.9), 0:8.1 (11.5)

God the Son

The Eternal Son, the Second Person of Deity, 0:2.13 (4.7)

God the Spirit

The Infinite Spirit, the Third Person of Deity, 0:2.14 (4.8)

God the Supreme

The actualizing or evolving God of time and space, associatively realizing the time-space experiential achievement of creature-Creator identity, 0:2.15 (4.9)

God the Ultimate

The eventuating God of supertime and transcended space, synthesizing absonite-superpersonal values, 0:2.17 (4.11)

Grand Universe

The seven evolving superuniverses in association with the central and divine universe, the present organized and inhabited creation, 0:0.6 (1.6), 12:1.13 (129.11)


The first of all mortals to attain Havona, 7:5.8 (87.2)

Gravity Messengers

Mysterious superspirit beings who can traverse space timelessly, they are modified and personalized Adjusters hailing from Divington, 31:2.2 (347.1)

Guardian of Destiny

A mortal’s assigned personal or group seraphim, whose task is to influence but not interfere with their subject, and who conveys the human soul to the mansion worlds after death, 48:5.1 (550.2), 113:5.4 (1246.3)


The perfect central and divine universe, with Paradise at its heart, consisting of one billion worlds, 14:0.1 (152.1)

Havona Natives

Divinely perfect offspring of the Paradise Trinity who were not created in time or space, they inhabit the billion spheres of Havona, 19:6.1 (221.3), 14:4.10–11 (157.2–3)

Indwelling Adjuster

The Thought Adjuster, a fragment of the Universal Father’s prepersonal spirit which he bestows on the minds of mortal will creatures, 32:4.5–6 (363.3–4)

The Infinite Spirit

One of the names of God the Spirit, the Third Person of Deity, 0:2.14 (4.8)

The Isle of Paradise

The eternal center of the universe of universes and the abiding place of the Deities; one of the Seven Absolutes of Infinity, the absolute of patterns, 11:0.1 (118.1), 105:3.4 (1156.1)


Headquarters of Satania, our local system of inhabited worlds, 35:9.1 (393.1)


Present chief executive of the system of Satania, successor to Lucifer, 45:3.1–2 (512.1–2)


One of the seven orders of the Descending Sons of God, they are one of the four orders of Local Universe Sons of God, best known as System Sovereigns and Planetary Princes, 20:1.8 (223.13), 20:1.10 (223.15)

Life Carriers

One of the seven orders of the Descending Sons of God, they are one of the four orders of Local Universe Sons of God, responsible for establishing physical life on the evolving worlds, 20:1.9 (223.14), 36:1.1 (396.2)

Light and Life

The era which is the final evolutionary stage attained by a world of time and space, characterized by advanced material, social, cultural, and spiritual development, 55:0.1 (621.1), 55:5.1 (629.10)

Local Universe

A subdivision of a superuniverse comprised of 100 constellations, about 10 million inhabitable planets, and ruled by a Creator Son, 15:2.5 (166.4)

Local Universe Mother Spirit

The consort and associate of a Creator Son, a representative of the Infinite Spirit, who co-creates the local universe with him and ministers to its creatures, 16:5.3 (191.1), 34:0.1 (374.1)


One of the order of Melchizedek Sons, one of the planetary receivers on Urantia, who incarnated on an emergency mission to maintain the light of truth on the planet; he now holds the title of vicegerent planetary prince and is a member of the four and twenty counselors, 93:1.2–3 (1014.4–5), 45:4.16 (514.6)

Magisterial Sons

Also known as Avonals, they are the Paradise Sons of service to the planets of the local universes, 20:2.3 (225.2)


A personality created by the Supreme Being and the Deity Absolute who is the Paradise center of reflectivity in the superuniverses, 17:2.3–4 (200.1–2)

Major Sector

Consisting of one hundred minor sectors, about 100 billion inhabitable worlds, it makes up one tenth of a superuniverse, 15:2.7–8 (166.6–7)

Mansion Worlds

The seven satellites of the first transitional culture world of Jerusem, these are the first homes of mortals in the morontia life following death, 47:0.1 (530.1), 15:7.5 (174.5)

Master Physical Controllers

One of four divisions of the Universe Power Directors, they embrace seven orders which are involved in the control and manipulation of physical energies in the superuniverses, 29:4.4 (324.6)

Master Son

A Creator Son who is supremely settled in universe authority, having earned sovereign rulership of his own creation by completing his sevenfold bestowal career, 21:3.15 (238.9)

Master Universe

Consisting of six space levels encircling the central Isle, it includes the grand universe—the seven evolving superuniverses in association with the central and divine universe—plus the four outer space levels, 0:0.6 (1.6), 12:1.3 (129.1)

The Material Sons and Daughters

The Planetary Adams and Eves, descending Sons native to the systems, who function as biologic uplifters to evolutionary worlds, 40:2.1 (444.1), 49:5.24 (567.4)


An order of local universe Sons who are intermediaries between the divine levels of existence and the mortal races, they perform many functions, including education, information gathering, counseling, and various special missions, 35:2.1 (385.4), 35:4.2 (389.1)


One of the seven corps of the tertiary supernaphim, they range the Paradise-Havona system as bearers of all messages requiring personal transmission, 26:3.7 (288.7)


Also known as midway creatures, they are material or quasi-material but invisible beings, mortals’ closest relatives, midway between mortals and Material Sons, limited in numbers, and function as the permanent citizens of the evolutionary worlds, 37:9.11 (415.3), 77:8.11 (865.4)

Mighty Messengers

An order of Trinitized Sons of Attainment, glorified ascendant mortals whose loyalty has been tested and who have been Trinity embraced, 15:10.12 (178.12), 22:2.1 (245.1)

Ministering Spirits of Time

One of the three major classifications of the Personalities of the Infinite Spirit, they serve throughout the grand universe down to the planetary level, and are concerned with teaching and ministering to the will creatures of the ascendant scheme of mortal progression, 9:8.23–24 (107.11–12), 24:0.1 (264.1)

Minor Sector

Consisting of one hundred local universes (about 1 billion inhabitable planets), it makes up one one-hundredth of a major sector, 15:2.6–7 (166.5–6)


A vast level intervening between the material and the spiritual, it describes the type of form surviving mortals receive on awakening on the mansion worlds after death, 0:5.12 (9.2), 30:4.15 (341.5)

Most Highs

The three Vorondadek Sons presiding over a constellation, so named because they embody the highest administrative wisdom and loyalty of the Local Universe Sons of God, 15:2.4 (166.3), 43:3.1 (488.3)


The wisdom of the morontia level of reality, a supermaterial reality sensitivity, 45:7.6 (518.2), 103:6.7 (1136.2)

Mystery Monitor

Another name for the Thought Adjuster, the gift of God indwelling mortal minds, 2:1.7 (34.6), 107:0.1 (1176.1)


The local universe of whose inhabited planets our world, Urantia, is one, 0:0.5 (1.5)


One of the 100 corporeal members of Caligastia’s staff, he led the commission on industry and trade, and later became the leader of the rebel group whose descendants were known as the Nodites, 66:5.11 (747.1), 67:4.2 (757.5)


The eighth race to appear on Urantia, descendants of the 60 disloyal members of Caligastia’s staff, which blended with the violet and evolutionary races to form the Andites, 77:2.8 (857.5), 78:4.1 (871.7)


The constellation to which Urantia’s sytem, Satania, belongs, 43:0.1 (485.1)


The seventh superuniverse, to which our local universe, Nebadon, belongs, 15:1.5 (165.4)

Our Father

One of the names of the Universal Father, used by those on worlds which have had a Paradise bestowal Son, 1:1.5 (23.2)


The enormous abode at the center of the universe but existing outside time and space; the dwelling place of Deity, and the goal of ascending mortals, 11:0.1 (118.1), 22:10.9 (254.6)

The Paradise Deities

The Universal Father, the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit, 30:2.6 (334.14)

The Paradise Father

One of the names of the Universal Father, the First Person of Deity, 0:2.12 (4.6)

The Paradise Son

One of the names of the Eternal Son, the Second Person of Deity, 0:2.13 (4.7)

Paradise Trinity

The eternal Deity union of the Universal Father, the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit, associating as infinite persons functioning in a nonpersonal capacity, 0:12.2 (15.8), 10:4.3 (112.6)

Perfections of Days

Rulers of the superuniverse major sectors, 15:10.14 (179.1)

Perfectors of Wisdom

One of seven groups involved in superuniverse government, they are a creation of the Paradise Trinity designed to personify the wisdom of divinity in the superuniverses, 15:10.5 (178.5), 19:2.1 (215.10)

Personalities of the Infinite Spirit

One of three great groups of the functional family of the Third Source and Center, who serve throughout the grand universe, including the seraphic hosts who minister to material beings, 2:1.7 (34.6), 9:8.20 (107.8)

Personalized Adjuster

A Thought Adjuster who has been given a personality bestowed by the Universal Father after repeated service with nonsurviving mortals or functioning as the indwelling Adjuster of an incarnated bestowal Son, 40:4.1 (444.4)

Physical Controllers

Power-control creatures of the Third Source and Center who regulate and stabilize physical energies in the systems, under supervision of a Master Physical Controller and a system power center, 9:3.6 (101.6), 41:2.3–4 (457.2–3)

Planetary Princes

A group of secondary Lanonandek Sons who are sent to rule the inhabited planets; their mission is to foster the human races’ progress from barbarism to civilization, 50:0.1 (572.1), 52:2.1 (591.1)

Power Directors

Power-control creatures of the Third Source and Center whose function is to transmute energy into matter to provide a material foundation for the local creation, 9:3.6 (101.6), 32:1.2 (357.6)

Recents of Days

An order of Supreme Trinity Personalities created in administrative perfection, they are the directors of the superuniverse minor sectors, presiding in groups of three, 18:0.9 (207.9), 18:5.1 (211.6)

The Recorders

Any of several orders of seraphim who function as recording angels at various levels of universe administration, 39:1.17 (429.3), 39:2.14 (431.3)


The headquarters sphere of the local universe of Nebadon, 32:2.3 (358.5)


Refers to the six evolutionary races of color on Urantia, who originated in a single family of the Badonite tribes, descendants of Andon and Fonta, 64:5.2 (722.3), 64:6.1 (722.6)


One of the lowest order of angels, in a pair with a cherubim, they are aids to the seraphic ministers, the routine spirit workers on the individual worlds of the systems, 38:7.1–2 (422.1–2), 38:7.3–4 (422.3–4)


Our local system of inhabited planets, with 619 inhabited worlds, and Jerusem as its headquarters, 32:2.9 (359.6), 48:6.31 (554.5)

The Second Source and Center

One of the names of the Eternal Son, the Second Person of Deity, the co-ordinate creator and upholder of spirit realities in the universe, 6:1.1 (73.5), 7:0.3 (81.3)


Children of the Reflective Spirits created in groups of seven, they have reflective abilities and serve in various capacities from the shores of Paradise to the evolutionary worlds of space, 28:3.1–2 (307.3–4), 28:7.1 (317.4)


The angels of a local universe, they are slightly above mortals in the scale of existence; their functions are many, and they are closely associated with the material creatures of the worlds, 38:2.6 (419.6), 38:5.4 (421.3)

Seven Adjutant Mind-Spirits

Created by the Mother Spirit of a local universe, they represent her mind ministry to the material minds of the realms, including the animal orders, 36:5.1 (401.5), 36:5.13 (403.1)

Seven Master Spirits

Brought into existence by the Infinite Spirit, and expressing the characteristics of the seven associative possibilities of the three persons of Deity, each rules one of the superuniverses from the worlds of the Infinite Spirit surrounding Paradise, 13:0.5 (143.5), 16:0.1 (184.1)

Solitary Messengers

An order of spirit beings without form who are the only personalities capable of traveling at incomprehensible speeds almost independent of time, and who travel alone for technical reasons, 23:1.9 (257.4), 23:3.6–7 (261.4–5)


Chief of the planetary helpers on duty during the default of Adam and Eve, 51:3.5 (583.4)

Sons of God

A term which may refer to categories of divine Sons originating on Paradise, to descending Sons created as administrators in the local universes, or to mortal creatures who recognize that God is their Father, 20:1.5 (223.10), 20:10.2 (232.5), 40:6.2 (448.1)

The Spirit of Truth

The spirit presence of a bestowal son “poured out upon all flesh” after the completion of his mission, it came to Urantia at Pentecost following Jesus’ ascension, 52:5.6 (596.4), 194:0.1 (2059.1)


An animal order of existence without survival souls but intelligent and beautiful, they are the landscape gardeners of the headquarters worlds, 46:7.2 (527.16), 46:7.7 (528.5)


One of seven segments of the grand universe, each comprised of one trillion inhabitable planets, 15:0.1 (164.1)

Supreme Being

The experiential God of the evolutionary creatures of time and space, 0:2.15 (4.9)

System Sovereign

The ruler of a local system of up to a thousand inhabited worlds, who personally directs affairs within his part of a local universe and is the immediate superior of the Planetary Princes, 35:9.5 (393.5), 50:2.1 (573.2)

The Third Source and Center

One of the names of the Infinite Spirit, the Third Person of Deity, and the conjoint associate and exclusive executive of the Father and the Son, 8:1.8 (91.5), 8:2.3 (92.4)

Thought Adjuster

The divine spirit that indwells the mind of man, 0:5.9 (8.9)

Those High in Authority

A group of Trinitized Sons of Attainment, former mortals who have superb administrative wisdom, they may function as a member of a trinitized evolutionary trio, 19:3.7 (217.6), 22:3.1 (246.2)

Those without Name and Number

A group of Trinitized Sons of Attainment, former mortals who have developed extraordinary spiritual comprehension, they may function as a member of a trinitized evolutionary trio, 19:3.7 (217.6), 22:4.1 (246.6)

Trinitized Sons

All beings embraced by the Paradise Trinity even though not of direct Trinity origin, 20:0.5 (223.5)

Trinity Teacher Sons

The supernal teachers of all personalities, human and divine, of origin in the Paradise Trinity, 7:6.6 (88.4), 20:7.1 (230.3)


A type of triune cosmic relationship, they are non-Father in constitution and are consequential to the existence of the real triunities, 104:5.1 (1151.1)


Threefold relationships of absolutes that are distinct from the Paradise Trinity, but include the Universal Father, 104:3.15–16 (1147.7–8), 104:4.1 (1147.11)


The first measurable form of energy, having Paradise as its nucleus; the basic unit of energy-matter making up the electron, 42:1.2 (467.4), 42:4.5 (473.3)

Unions of Days

Trinity-origin personalities who are the Paradise observers and advisers to the rulers of the local universes, and who may assume authority when the Michael Son is absent, 21:2.11 (237.1), 120:1.4 (1326.1)

The Universal Absolute

That which co-ordinates and unifies the two primal differentials of reality, the Qualified (Deity) and Unqualified Absolutes, equalizing cosmic tensions and allowing the finite and infinite to coexist, 0:3.18 (5.17), 0:11.13 (15.3)

Universal Censors

Beings who personify the judgment of Deity, assigned to Havona and to each of the superuniverses, who render the divine conclusion of all counsel and testimony, 19:4.2–3(217.8–9), 19:4.5 (218.3)

The Universal Father

The First Person of Deity, 0:2.12 (4.6)

Universe Mother Spirit

The associate of a Michael Son in the administration of a local universe, who originates as a daughter of the Infinite Spirit and accompanies him to his new creation as his helper and consort, 33:3.4 (368.4), 33:3.2 (368.2)

Universe Power

Power that includes all forms of energy which, while still responding to Paradise gravity, are directly responsive to linear gravity, 0:6.7 (9.9)

Universe Spirit

The creative companion of the Creator Son and co-director in all details of local universe management, 33:3.3 (368.3), 33:3.7 (369.2)


The permanent citizens of the constellation headquarters worlds, nonreproducing beings who help in the socialization of ascending mortals, 37:9.8 (414.13), 43:8.12 (495.1)

Unqualified Absolute

One of the two primal differentials of reality, a nonpersonal, extradivine, and undeified positive universe overcontrol in infinity, existing in tension with the Deity Absolute, 0:4.5 (7.3), 0:11.7–8 (14.5–6)


The universe name for planet Earth, 0:0.1 (1.1)


The capital of the superuniverse of Orvonton, 0:0.5 (1.5)


One of the 100 corporeal members of Caligastia's staff, he directed the supreme court of tribal coordination and racial cooperation and led the loyal staff during the rebellion, 66:5.31 (749.2)


Created by the Creator Son and the Creative Spirit, they are best known as the Most Highs or the Constellation Fathers, 20:1.10 (223.15)

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