Concerning Human Survival

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William S. Sadler, Jr's response to
M.H. (Bud) Kagan's presentation titled
The Price of Survival

Recently our attention was called to a very interesting and instructive discussion of human survival, which, among other features, presented an attempt to arrive at some sort of mathematical deduction as to the probable parentage of human beings now living on Urantia who would survive.

This discussion put forth the proposition that the maximum number of mortals now living on Urantia who have a chance at survival is around thirty-three percent.

This discussion starts out with the statement that "The number of personalities that achieve survival status will be less than 100%." We all agree with this conclusion for The Urantia Book certainly does not teach "universalism."

Down through the ages many philosophers and theologians have indulged in speculation regarding human survival. The Pharisees taught that few me would survive--and no women. Some religions taught universal survival through successive and almost endless advancing reincarnations. Others taught progressing purification and advancing spiritualization by means of prolonged purgatorial experience. In Christianity, this doctrine of God's mercy, embracing the salvation of all mortals, found expression in the Universalist Church.

Needless to say that this attempt to reduce human survival to a mathematical formula--to percentages--is wholly based on assumptions. Let us take a look at these assumptions.

1. Assumption No. 1.

We have the testimony of the Creator Son--that the road to eternal life is straight and narrow and that the door thereto is also narrow.

But that is not exactly what Jesus said:

“You also have another saying among you, and one that contains much truth: That the way which leads to eternal life is straight and narrow, that the door which leads thereto is likewise narrow." (1828.7) 166:3.3

Here Jesus is making use of a common saying for teaching purposes. While he did say that this folk saying contained much truth--he did not say that it was factual--he did not present it as an original and persona pronouncement.

The Master utilizes this saying as illustrative material in his teaching, just as Peter made use of a then current story about the rich man and Lazarus. This story well illustrated certain things which Peter wished to impress upon his hearers, but it does not follow that the apostle meant to accept or endorse all the other theological implications which were to be found in this story. (1854.5) 169:3.0

Comparatively speaking, the path to survival may be "straight and narrow" but that does not in any way validate any mathematical computation as to the percentage of mortals who will survive.

The door to survival may also be narrow, but since Jesus himself is that door, we may be assured that it is wide enough to admit every mortal who really wants to find God and be mustered into the Corps of the Finality.

"Every one who desires shall find entrance" (1829.2) 166:3.5

2. Assumption No. 2.

"The road to destruction is broad and many choose to go this way."

Remember, this is part of the folk saying. While Jesus implies that "many" go this wrong way, he does not say how many.

3. Assumption No. 3.

The adjutants of worship and wisdom. The assumption that one-sixth of the world's inhabitants are mentally disqualified for survival in that they do not have the adjutant spirits of worship and wisdom is wholly a conjecture. Such beings could not be human--they would belong to the prehuman category of the simian tribes. Such creatures might be described as imbeciles.

Large numbers of feebleminded and retarded individuals, while being subnormal, might not be subhuman. They know something about the difference between right and wrong. They might well have virgin Adjusters.

Our business as kingdom builders is to spread the "good news." It is indeed the purpose of the Urantia Revelation to "save souls." As to whether one-tenth or three-fourths of present day mortals will survive, we do not know--cannot know. In common parlance, "It is none of our business."

4. Assumption No. 4.

The conclusion that one-sixth of the world's population is "faithless, slothful, and sinful," and therefore is unfit for survival, is again a conjecture. How can we sit in judgment of the real motivation of such persons?

In this connection, it might be well to recall a passage on Page 63 of The Urantia Book. It reads:

"If such a human mind is sincerely and spiritually motivated, if such a human soul desires to know God and become like him, honestly wants to do the Father’s will, there exists no negative influence of mortal deprivation nor positive power of possible interference which can prevent such a divinely motivated soul from securely ascending to the portals of Paradise." (63.5) 5:1.7

5. Assumption No. 5.

The assumption that one-third of the present day human race does not want to survive is wholly speculative. It is not given us to know the inner longings and deep-seatd desires of our fellow men.

But, in this connection we might well ponder the encouragement found on Pages 69 and 70 of The Urantia Book:

"When the mind believes God and the soul knows God, and when, with the fostering Adjuster, they all desire God, then is survival assured. Limitations of intellect, curtailment of education, deprivation of culture, impoverishment of social status, even inferiority of the human standards of morality resulting from the unfortunate lack of educational, cultural, and social advantages, cannot invalidate the presence of the divine spirit in such unfortunate and humanly handicapped but believing individuals. The indwelling of the Mystery Monitor constitutes the inception and insures the possibility of the potential of growth and survival of the immortal soul." (69.8) 5:5.13

6. Assumption No. 6.

Experienced Adjusters. The fact that a "certain Adjuster" who functions on Urantia had indwelt fifteen minds in Orvonton who failed to survive, does not necessarily mean that his experience in other superuniverses was similar--so that he had indwelt 105 nonsurvivors.

In other superuiverses many of his hosts may have experienced Spirit fusion, or even Son fusion. Even the Solitary Messenger who indites Paper 109 confesses that he does not actually know about the Adjuster's experiences in other superuniverses.

It would be unsafe to generalize about mortal survival throughout the grand universe, or on Urantia, from the experience of a single Thought Adjuster.


  1. In general, speculation and conjectures are legitimate. Such thinking strengthens the creative imagination and enlarges the cosmic horizons. Our unseen and superhuman friends often indulge in speculation. We find numerous such conjectures recorded in The Urantia Book.

    But we question the wisdom and propriety of speculation about the mathematics of human survival.

  2. As concerns the inner life and survival qualities of our fellow men, the Master has admonished us: "Judge not."
    A Creator Son does not sit in final judgment on his own creatures. He delegates such judicial functions to the Trinity-constituted courts of the superuniverse.

  3. The juridical attitude of Deity. On Page 41, we read:

    "Divine righteousness is not dominated by strict retributive justice; God as a father transcends God as a judge."(41.4) 2:6.6

    After all, we should remember that sin is conscious--knowing--wrong-doing. Let us ponder what Jesus said on Page 1947:

    “If we had not taught them the truth, they might do many strange things without falling under condemnation, but now, since they have known the light and presumed to reject it, they have no excuse for their attitude." (1947.1) 180:3.2

    It seems that we are to be finally judged in accordance with our enlightenment. We are not held accountable for the things we do not know.

  4. We may be wrong, but we deem that such speculations as deal with mathematical speculations of human survivors borders on the fringe of the domain of the juridical administrators of the superuniverses.

  5. It is altogether proper for us to realize that some mortals will survive and that some will not. But we do not see how we can presume to reduce such facts to mathematical percentages.

  6. It should be enough for us to know that:

    "There is in the mind of God a plan which embraces every creature of all his vast domains, and this plan is an eternal purpose of boundless opportunity, unlimited progress, and endless life." (365.3) 32:5.7

  7. And this same passage goes on to say:

    "The race for perfection is on! whosoever will may enter, and certain victory will crown the efforts of every human being who will run the race of faith and trust."

  8. Let us pay special attention to this passage from Page 447:

    "As to the chances of mortal survival, let it be made forever clear: All souls of every possible phase of mortal existence will survive provided they manifest willingness to co-operate with their indwelling Adjusters and exhibit a desire to find God and to attain divine perfection, even though these desires be but the first faint flickers of the primitive comprehension of that “true light which lights every man who comes into the world.”(447.4) 40:5.19

  9. Note the consideration that the universe judges give to mortals of doubtful survival qualities. Ponder this from Page 1233:

    "If ever there is doubt as to the advisability of advancing a human identity to the mansion worlds, the universe governments invariably rule in the personal interests of that individual; they unhesitatingly advance such a soul to the status of a transitional being, while they continue their observations of the emerging morontia intent and spiritual purpose...This does not mean that human beings are to enjoy a second opportunity in the face of the rejection of a first, not at all. But it does signify that all will creatures are to experience one true opportunity to make one undoubted, self-conscious, and final choice. (1233.3) 112:5.7

  10. Let us take another look at the "narrow door" to the kingdom. Note these two passages:

    "Even if the door to the way of life is narrow, it is wide enough to admit all who sincerely seek to enter, for I am that door. And the Son will never refuse entrance to any child of the universe who, by faith, seeks to find the Father through the Son." (1828.7) 166:3.3

    "And I declare to all of you that the Father has opened the doors of the heavenly kingdom to all who have the faith to enter, and no man or association of men can close those doors even to the most humble soul or supposedly most flagrant sinner on earth if such sincerely seek an entrance.” (1652.3) 147:5.6

  11. Survival is achieved in spite of ignorance, doubts, and uncertainty. Ponder this statement of Jesus:

    "Ignorance alone can never prevent survival; neither can confusional doubts nor fearful uncertainty. Only conscious resistance to the Adjuster’s leading can prevent the survival of the evolving immortal soul." (1206.3) 110:3.5

  12. Two of the twelve apostles--the ambassadors of the kingdom--might not have been regarded as likely candidates for survival by some pessimistic critics.

    "These twins [Alpheus] could not comprehend the mind of Jesus, but they did grasp the sympathetic bond between themselves and the heart of their Master. Their minds were not of a high order; they might even reverently be called stupid, but they had a real experience in their spiritual natures. They believed in Jesus; they were sons of God and fellows of the kingdom." (1563.7) 139:9.6 ... and they survived!

    ... it is the nature of the Sons of God to give every created being a full and equal chance for salvation and survival. Jesus wanted not only the mortals of this world but the onlookers of innumerable other worlds to know that, when doubts exist as to the sincerity and wholeheartedness of a creature’s devotion to the kingdom, it is the invariable practice of the Judges of men fully to receive the doubtful candidate. The door of eternal life is wide open to all; “whosoever will may come”; there are no restrictions or qualifications save the faith of the one who comes. (1566.6) 139:12.7

    And when all is said and done:

    "God the Father loves men; God the Son serves men; God the Spirit inspires the children of the universe to the ever-ascending adventure of finding God the Father by the ways ordained by God the Sons through the ministry of the grace of God the Spirit." (53.6) 3:6.8



Presented by
M.H. (Bud) Kagan
General Assembly at Pasadena
January 10, 1960


For some time now, a small group of people has been able to peruse this big Blue Book. Some have gotten many hours of satisfying reading; some have ventured to make a new religion out of it, and some have used the information between its covers to edify their previous beliefs. In all cases, however, we have as many interpretations of the unique and unusual concepts of the Urantia Revelation as we have people associated with it. It shouldn't be strange to all of you, that people have a few tendencies to do certain things that will result in lack of unity of understanding of the same material. One reason for this may be:

  1. The desire for a person to believe that which he wants to believe and to discount that which is not compatible with that belief.
  2. The attribute of human minds to take old teachings and adapt them to new teachings.

Since we all have old teachings of one kind or another, either philosophical or religious, and also since we all have our "pet" concepts that we want to believe in, and discount those we particularly don't care for, we have evolved many different interpretations of the Urantia Doctrine. It would be impossible in the space of a few hours to try and discuss all the different concepts of The Urantia Book and their varied interpretations, but it might prove interesting to try a few. I am going to attempt this afternoon a discussion of a few of the concepts that directly affect us, not in the usual manner of, "Where do we go from here," but rather, "Will we go from here?"

I have noticed that one of the criticisms registered by religious leaders about the Urantia Teachings is, that it does not offer an Atonement Doctrine, a doctrine that certain individuals feel has kept the Christian Churches intact for so many years. I cannot really say whether the Atonement Doctrine has or has not provided unity among the Churches, but I can offer my interpretation of a concept of The Urantia Book, that is much more challenging, far more rewarding and certainly more difficult than an idea of appeasing an angry God.

What I offer here is my own interpretation of concepts of the papers. I am sure many of you today will reject my ideas as unsound, unfair and unscrupulous. I have for a time pondered in my own mind that teachings such a concept would confuse some and discourage others, but by some chance it may inspire those who accept my challenge--and these persons might start out on the trail of working very hard for a very wonderful and merciful and loving God, the God that is portrayed in The Urantia Book, the Universal Father.

The fascinating picture presented to us about survival; the adventure of all time an experience in all space is indeed the lure of the ages. It should inspire and attract all living mortals to want to embark on this voyage of progression, world by world, level upon level, until the goal of eternity is reached--that of becoming a Paradise Citizen, a Finaliter of survival status from one of the lowly worlds of space. This picture of the preview of the "Coming Attractions" is, in my mind, inviting all contenders to climb aboard the biggest bandwagon of all time and eternity, the greatest show in the universe.

It almost seems presumptuous to me that this wonderful adventure to serve God and become like him is offered to all living creatures. But I am quite certain that the offer stands valid for ALL who are willing to accept the challenge of ascension. But I wonder how many accept the offer. Because of this question I have perused the papers on this topic and ask you the following:

  1. Is it easy to survive?
  2. Will there be few or many who survive?
  3. Must one be free, completely free from sin to make it?
  4. How do I know the Father's will?
  5. What is the price of survival?


In this topic we shall deal with a quantitative factor derived from qualitative values, and in doing so I must admit that I am working entirely in the dark. My information is derived from the papers and I am compiling it in a manner that is subject to my interpretation. I feel quite certain that not all of us will survive. How can I say this with such impunity. Well, I have this to offer, --IF the universe was completely mechanical, IF the Father did not bestow upon us absolute free will concerning survival choice, IF the world was completely free of sin, rebellion, and other miscarriages of divine plans, and IF all of us had living faith, then I could say, YES without a doubt all of us, absolutely all of us will make it. But I am sorry to relate that the IFs are nothing but an idealistic daydream, and the realities of the situation include, sin, faithlessness and rebellion on the part of the creatures and personalities in the finite, evolutionary realm of the universe. Because of this condition I can make my first statement that has a numerical value and that is the number of personalities that achieve survival status will be LESS THAN 100%.

Let us try for a moment to compute how much less than the total by putting some numerical values on information we have available from the papers. We know for a fact that we have the potential and "the ability to immortalize ourselves or destroy ourselves." We know for a fact that resurrection is not automatic. Lucifer tried to sell this doctrine in his Declaration of Liberty and failed. We have the testimony of the Creator Son when in the flesh on Urantia that the road to eternal life is straight an narrow and the door thereto is also narrow, and "the road to destruction is broad and many choose to go this way."

We know that Adjusters come from Divinington and work in the minds of mortals to try and effect those decisions that will ensure their survival, and many times these Adjusters fail. We know this because if this were not the case there could not be any experienced Adjusters. We know that for a mind to be considered human mind according to cosmic standards the adjutants of wisdom and worship must function. When these last two adjutants function the mind is considered a dignified will creature, or a human mind. What we do not know is how many human minds are considered human by human standards and sub-human by cosmic standards. We know that there exists among the world population the atheists and the non-believers and the state-worshippers and the scores of faithless.

We know there exists in the world great numbers of mortals who are selfish, slothful and sinful, at least we pass these judgments down daily in our minds, in our newspapers and radio and in our courts. We know all these things, but concerning their survival we always become very charitable, we look the other way, we want everyone to survive as this will ensure our own survival.

If we assume that the total population of the planet will not survive we can start out on some simple mathematics. First off let us designate the total population of the world as the number 1. Then the surviving population must be a number less than 1, or a fraction of 1. If you will allow this we can possibly do some speculation on the maximum percentage of world population that could survive.

In dealing with our number 1 which is equal to the world population, or 1 is equal to the number the census takers arrive at when they count the number of living people in the world we will try to subtract from this number those who would not be eligible for survival. (You must consider in this speculation that we have the possibility of a wide latitude for margin of error) If we assume that the varieties of human minds are such that on cosmic standards, one-sixth of the world population has not tapped into the field of worship and wisdom, or let's just use wisdom, we can subtract this value from our number one. If we also take into account the faithless, slothful, sinful, how many these might equal is open to conjecture, but we know the reality of these types, therefore let us put anther value of one-sixth on these personalities. We now have the fraction of one-third adding our two classes on non-potential survivors and subtracting this from the number one. We have the result of 2/3. We will be ready to set up a survival equation as soon as we derive a divisor. It is necessary from what I have gathered from the Papers that survival is FIRST, matter of PERSONAL CHOICE. I know many people who said that they have never made that choice. I know of many more who would make one if they believed in such a reality, (even a possibility), and there are those who just do not care. The quantity of non-choosing persons might be very large. If we allow one-half of the world population as survival-choosing, and one-half are non-choosing, concerning survival, we have a divisor and can now start our mathematics.

Consider the following equation:

S=1/2 Where: S = survivors and x=2/3 assumed


2/3 x 100% divided by 2 = 33 1/3

According to my computations based on the assumptions I have made, the maximum number of mortals that have a chance at eternal life is around thirty-three percent. I feel my figures are very optimistic. Let me back up my assumptions with knowledge from the papers.

Let's take up the matter of experienced Thought Adjusters. For an Adjuster to be EXPERIENCED we know that at one time it must have indwelt a mortal mind that either failed to fuse or that did not have a fusion potential. We shall consider survival of mortals with Adjuster fusion potential, as we know that others amount to only two percent in Nebadon.

The papers state that one particular Adjuster has been observed indwelling the minds of fifteen creatures in Orvonton. They feel that Adjusters might have similar experiences in other superuniverses. Assuming that this particular Adjuster has had equal experience in all seven of the superuniverses, this Monitor may have indwelt 105 minds prior to the assignment stated in the papers.

It would seem that a Thought Adjuster who volunteers for a particular subject, and is assigned on the basis as one best qualified for the individual to effect those decisions necessary for survival, and eventual fusion, would be able to come home a graduate, or at least a post graduate after the first few trials, but after one hundred and five missions a Monitor should be able to score. This leads me to believe that survival is extremely difficult, and there are very few, rather than many.

I have often wondered why Urantia was so fortunate in receiving this latest Revelation, The Urantia Papers. I also wonder why the topic of relating to the experiences in the next life are so vividly portrayed, could it be that, the Creators want to inspire us to try harder to accomplish survival? Might we not consider that Urantia's surviving population is not very well represented? Is it posible that the purpose of this big blue book is to save men's souls? I submit that it is difficult to survive, that few have made the journey, and the purpose of the Urantia Revelation is to save men's souls.


Jesus said the road to eternal life is a straight and narrow. What is the straight and narrow way??? Is our concept of sin and evil a universe reality or a Mosaic inheritance ? Are the ten commandments the laws of God, or the law of men? I submit the ten commandments are good rules for a civilized society, but i feel that they are really the laws of men. I cannot reconcile in my mind that the Universal Father as portrayed in the papers could devise such laws for men. I have learned from the papers that the cardinal sins are PROCRASTINATION, EQIVOCATION, PROBLEM AVOIDANCE and EASE-SEEKING. I feel as if would be impossible to be free of sin in our society, in or way of living, according to our laws and mores, if we accept the Mosaic law, as divine laws. some of the commandments seem to be more severe than others, at least the way we regard them. People do not feel that Sabbath breaking is really wrong in modern times, and very few people love their neighbors as themselves. Of the commandments that people seem to regard as real important are those that simulate the basic laws of society, for example the commandments of killing and adultery. I will attempt to water-down if you will, the importance of these two as to show the basic weakness in Mosaic law.

The commandment about not killing will first be taken into account. Let me say right now that I will not attempt to justify homicide--(that wholesale murder is recommended because God is not too interested in such an act), but I am trying to prove one point, and that is the laws of men, may or may not be compatible with the laws of God. And that transgression of laws of men may or may not have anything to do with survival status.

In the final analysis we are trying to determine what it takes to survive, I am going about this in a negative way prior to a positive, at that is to show that survival may not depend on some so-called sin of man. Back to the commandments. I cannot believe that the survivors of the superior Andonites who had to kill off their inferior cousins were regarded as sinful by this act of self-preservation of the highly awarded strains of Andon and Fonta. I cannot quite understand why, Cain, after he slew his brother, received a Thought Adjuster and became a powerful and influential leader of the potent Elemite Nodites and this group had a great influence on the history of civilization of our planet. Abraham was quite a warrior and had the approval of a certain Melchizidek then acting as an emergency son on this planet, in fortifying the territory around Salem.

The other commandment that brings moral men to look down on their brethren is the one about Adultery. The greatest historical record of adultery can be said of Adam and Eve, --yet the papers regard their action as not a sin, but a default. The default was that these biologic uplifters did not fulfill their trust in accordance with the plans they were instructed to carry out, impatience found its way to upset the first garden. But all surviving candidates including Adam and Eve were resurrected enmasse upon the death of Adam.

Remember what the young man who desired ordination as one of the 70 evangelists said to Jesus----"Master I would like assurance from you of eternal life since I have obeyed all the commandments of Moses." And Jesus answered, "If you have obeyed the commandments, in that you do not kill; you do not steal; do not commit adultery, you have done well. BUT survival is a matter of faith , not merely works."

The violation of taboo became a vice; primitive law made vice a crime and religion made it a sin. There are many ways of looking at a sin, but from the universal philosophic viewpoint, sin is the attitude of a personality who knowingly resists cosmic reality. Error might be regarded as a misconception or distortion of reality. Evil is a partial realization of, or maladjustment to, universal realities. But sin is a purposeful resistance to divine reality - a conscious choosing to oppose spiritual progress. Iniquity consists in a open and persistent defiance of recognized reality and signifies such a degree of personality disintegration as to border on cosmic insanity.


I would like to draw upon the difference between service and sacrifice in a cosmic sense. Some of you might consider SACRIFICE a higher and more altruistic motive than service, but sacrifice is usually done once, or possibly twice in a lifetime, whereas SERVICE can become a commonplace and everyday routine way of living life. One can serve God all his life, even after death, but in a mortal lifetime you can sacrifice yourself only once, (for God) and I wonder how much impact this will have on the world and, in the final analysis, could one have done more by SERVING. It is true some of the early followers of Jesus gave up their lives unflinchingly for their belief in him and the Gospel, but how much more could they have done had they lived to spread the gospel further and, perhaps more the way Jesus taught them.

In wartime men can serve their country and sacrifice themselves for their country, but I maintain that a soldier who serves well enough not to be killed in battle is doing more for his country in winning the battle or even to fight the next battle, than one who gives his life and must be replaced by another soldier.

SACRIFICE is as old as the Ghost Cults and the primitive religions, but SERVICE is something new. It was really demonstrated by Jesus; his life and his personal ministry. Service is analogous to altruism, and this could be analogous to real love. Jesus said, "Love one another and serve one another." This advice should be deeply considered as I feel it is one of the methods of accomplishing what is necessary to join the army of ascenders that live only for the service of the Gods.


"The privilege of service immediately follows the discovery of trustworthiness. Nothing can stand between you and opportunity for increased service except your own untrustworthiness, your lack of capacity for appreciation of the solemnity of trust.

"Service--purposeful service, not slavery--is productive of the highest satisfaction and is expressive of the divinest dignity. Service--more service, increased service, difficult service, adventurous service, and at last divine and perfect service--is the goal of time and the destination of space. But ever will the play cycles of time alternate with the service cycles of progress. And after the service of time there follows the superservice of eternity. During the play of time you should envision the work of eternity, even as you will, during the service of eternity, reminisce the play of time."


Jesus' life in the flesh is certainly an example of what living the Father's will really is. Without a doubt the life of the Creator Son on Urantia is a life that would exemplify the life of the Father if he were to live as a mortal man. I wish I knew exactly what the Father's will really is. I have been quite confused by all the people who told me what this will is, but I have come to the conclusion that they are really telling me what their own will is, and not the Father's. It is a certainty that Jesus of Nazareth did not know the Father's will until he could freely communicate with his Adjuster. Even after that time he was quite uncertain about it. This is brought out when his Father's will was carried out unexpectedly, after consideration of some creative act. Consider the wedding at Cana, or the healing at sundown, Jesus was quite surprised that his Personalized Adjuster ruled the will of his Father. Jesus himself did not really know what that decision would be. (I am not certain whether the divine mind of Michael of Nebadon knew this will or not, but it is a fact that the human mind of the carpenter of Nazareth did not know the will of the Father regarding matters). It is also surprising that the Ancients of Days are not quite sure of the will of the Father. The fact that they must utilize reflective Seconaphim to be sure about the Father's will clearly points out that this is really a matter of doubt pretty far up the line of universe administration.

The administration of the Universes seems to be in accordance with the level of the administrators, and this also can be correlated with the comprehension of Deity. I would like to point this out as the Ancients of Days are the master judges of a superuniverse, but not the Supreme Court, their verdicts can be overruled by the Seven Master Spirits, I would say that the Seven Mater Spirits are the lowest order of personalities who know the will of the Father in all respects. And then I would conjecture that all seven would have to be acting together to accomplish this. It is certain that the Conjoint Actor, (creator of the Seven Master Spirits) knows the Father's will, as well as the Eternal Son. Thought Adjusters know the Father's will, as they are in reality part of the Father, (fragments) and we know that Personalized Adjusters know the will of the Father.


If you have gone along on the topic this far, in that, you may possibly accept the fact that survival is most difficult, then we can try and search, and analyze the reasons for the high degree of selectivity that is employes in qualifying ascenders. We can with some degree of accuracy show the fallacy of our laws and mores, in that we claim them to be divine laws, and divine morals, it may also be reasonable to assume that the ideas we have on what it takes to be a qualified survivor may also be distorted - or tainted with human philosophy. The next topic-the price of survival-will discuss what may be necessary to survive, this topic will deal with what is desired, and why, to join the armies of heaven.

We shall start at the top and work down, and reverse ourselves and take a good look at the bottom rung in the ladder of ascension and start up. What must a Finalter be like? I have pondered this question many times, I can only offer the following. A Finaliter must be a highly regarded personality, one that can maintain any trust. Grandfanda now heads all Finaliters on Paradise, these are not only one-time mortals, but also immortals. Consider Havona Natives that have joined the ranks of Finaliters, and Glorified Midwayers, Material Sons, etc. Just think of a one-time animal origin being now heading the ranks of all Finaliter groups on Paradise, many of which are not animal origin but created in perfection. The command to be perfect even as God is perfect must be taken literally for if this were not true, Grandfanda surely could not command such a supernal army of perfected beings as Paradise Finaliters. What must it take to become such a magnificent being? Well, we have already stated that we must have faith-unflinching faith-in the reality of the Universal Father, faith in the reality of survival, faith in the indwelling Adjuster, and faith in oneself.

We must also wish to embark on the eternal adventure, the absolute mandate of free will in mortal man as to survival choice should be given paramount importance in any rundown of survival qualifications. We have mentioned the qualities of desire and faith previously, now let's look at some more requirements that may be necessary to become a Paradise Citizen. As a Finaliter it is most certain that there will be work to do, tasks to perform.

Performance is brought into this discussion for the first time, and it plays an important part in the topic of personality survival. especially in the superuniverse of Orvonton. I say this because our superuniverse is the domain of Master Spirit Number Seven, and as we know the Master Spirit is representative of those qualities of the Father, Son, and Spirit, or more like the Supreme Being. The Supreme Being is the eventuating overcontrol of the seven superuniverses. We have all the personalities necessary to compute the spirit forces that are influential on all evolving mortals in time and space, and we can take the following inventory.

  1. The Spirit of the Father.........................The Adjuster
  2. The Spirit of the Conjoint Actor.............Absolute Mind--Adjutant Mind
  3. The Spirit of the Son..............................Spirit of Truth
  4. Spirit of the Master Spirits.....................Cosmic Mind
  5. The Spirit of the Divine Minister.............Seraphic Ministry--Adjutant Mind
  6. The Overcontrol of Evolving Deity.........Almighty Supreme--God the Supreme as the SUPREME BEING

Consider if you will the expression of total Deity to mortals of time and space, that is the expression of GOD THE SEVENFOLD. I will hereby outline God the Sevenfold by two methods, by person--by geography.

  • Paradise Creator Sons...................................Local Universe
  • Ancients of Days...........................................Superuniverse (1 each)
  • Seven Master Spirits.....................................Superuniverse (1 to 7)
  • Supreme Being..............................................Grand Universe
  • Infinite Spirit..................................................Paradise-Havona
  • Eternal Son....................................................Paradise-Havona
  • Universal Father.............................................Paradise-Havona

This expression is the ascending pathway to eternal life, the ladder to Finaiter Status, as well as the maximum of comprehension of Deity to finite beings. I will use this expression to demonstrate from the papers how each level is directly responsive to our ascension. The Creator Son said, "Even if the door to the way of life is narrow it is wide enough to admit all who sincerely seek to enter, for I am that door. And the Son will never refuse entrance to any child of the Universe who, by faith, seeks to find the Father through the Son." Analyzing this statement for a moment one can clearly see that the Creator Son has the authority to rule in favor of survival of any creature whether he be a qualified ascender or not, either for evenual Adjuster-fusion, or Son-fusion.

The Ancients of Days are the only ruling body that can pass judgment as pertains to personality extinction. (Example: the case of Gabriel vs. Lucifer now in the courts of the Ancients of Days). The Ancients of Days although having near perfect judgment, may be overruled by the Seven Master Spirits. These Spirits are the Supreme Court of the Grand Universe. The Supreme Being again has a hand in cosmic events. This Deity is the overcontrol of the finite realms, and we can quote this from the Papers. "The circumstances of the material realms find final integration in the interlocking presences of the Supreme and Ultimate."

And finally we can say that, "Nevertheless the Father, as a person, may at any time interpose a fatherly hand in the stress of cosmic events all in accordance with the will of God in consonance with the wisdom of God and as activated by the love of God."

You may now begin to draw a conclusion that the ministry of God the Sevenfold has a direct bearing on us, as mortals, and most likely will play the important part on any decision the Creator makes as the creature status concerning survival.

I submit that there is a reason and function for life on the evolutionary worlds of space. This reason is to recruit Paradise Citizens...God the Father wants children of permanent status...the function to extract through the most exacting processes of human growth...human distillation...those qualities of character, those traits of personality that will eventually become Finaliters.

There is a gigantic task set before all creatures and creators in Universe Building. The everexpanding, complex and undeveloped regions of space will be the home of myriads of new galaxies, systems and worlds. Finaliters it is said, will most likely be working out in the extra-evolutionary universes ministering and administering the affairs of outer-spacers just as we have been ministered to here on Urantia. The process of universe building is one that requires near perfection, these personalities engaged in such work MUST obey the command to be perfect, even as God is perfect to fulfill such fascinating destiny. The worlds of space were created to be inhabited by creatures who could know God...and desire to be like him.

Civilization is surely "forging out these strong, noble and experienced characters between the anvils of necessity and the hammers of anguish...those characters worthy of cosmic citizenship.


To pass the test of time and win the ward of eternity...that is the question! The way to do this is not quite clear to me. I have accepted the thesis that survival is hard, difficult and challenging. I can restate some of the very pertinent quotations from the papers concerning survival. As to everyone's own individual status this must be settled in their own hearts, their problems must be resolved in their own minds, it is these personal attitudes that will eventually immortalize their own souls. (I do not believe one can save another's soul, this is up to the person himself). Soul saving may seem to be an honorable pasttime, but I will repeat my impression that the door to eternal life is narrow and may have a sign on it...this sign might say:


  • No Trespassing
  • No Loitering
  • No Soliciting
  • Panty-Waists Keep Out
  • We Do Not Recognize Spoon-Fed Applicants

I feel the difficulty of survival should not discourage those who really seek entrance through this door...

I feel the few instead of many that enter should not make those afraid who sincerely want to enter...

The truth of this discussion really is...Survival is Real, it is a reality, the possibility is ever present of winning the race with time and making the discovery of eternity.

Therefore, everyone should work hard, and be stimulated towards this eventual goal.


This statement has much depth in its meaning, comprehension must be a qualification, or one of the qualifications for Paradise citizenship. Why is this? One must be able to comprehend the Universal Father, (recognize) before leaving the Central Universe in the inward ascent.


I interpret this statement to mean the following: Believing must be the antecedent to comprehension. If a mortal ascender has faith, (belief) he could possiblt make the Havona Universe even though he fell short in comprehension.

When one of the members of the Womens' Evangelistic Corps asked Jesus, "What must I do to be saved?" He answered:

"Believe this gospel of the Kingdom;
Accept divine forgiveness;
By faith recognize the indwelling Spirit;
Know that you are a son of God;
Progress-Growth in grace is essential to continuance therein."

After further teaching Jesus summed up his sermon by stating:

"You cannot buy salvation; it is a gift.
You cannot earn righteousness;
You are not saved by a righteous life--
you live such a life because you are saved"

Again remembering the overcontrol of Supremacy in the Grand Universe we must accept the admonition, that with God the Supreme, achievement is prerequisite to status. "One must do something as well as be something." One must be able to prove himself as a mortal creature prior to gaining the status of an immortal.

In summing up my topic of the difficulties and qualities of personality survival afetr death, I feel survival can be based on the following:

  • You must have living and unflinchig faith.
  • You must constantly strive for more comprehension of Deity.
  • You must have courage and stamina to meet the tribulations of life.
  • You must believe wholeheartedly in the reality of personal survival and choose to make your sonship with God permanent.
  • You must be diligent and strive to accomplish the tasks set before you in life.
  • You must serve the Father and his children...your fellow men.
  • You must do all in your power to seek the direction of your indwelling Adjuster.
  • You must use all your potentials of mind and body. (Creatures can realize actuals from potentials just as Creators)
  • You must hunger for righteousness and thirst for perfection.
  • You must accept the challenge of the ages, to go forward.
  • You must mind and spirit.
  • You shall love God with all your mind, and with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.


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