Science Symposium 2019

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Joanne Strobel

By Joanne Strobel, Urantia Foundation, Georgia, United States

Urantia Foundation’s recent Science Symposium was the brainchild of Dr. Ralph Zehr. It was the second event of its kind and took place in Chicago during the weekend of November 1–3. I know that many of you are aware of this because the presentations were viewed 685 times by different viewers from 23 different countries around the world, all in the three days that the symposium was streamed.

Ralph received his inspiration from the June 2018 issue of Scientific American which included a special report entitled "The Biggest Questions in Science.” The report was also published concurrently in Nature. Ralph declared it a fortunate coincidence that both editors of the two leading English-language scientific journals should choose to publish a list of the most pressing questions facing the scientific community just in time to be incorporated into a program for Science Symposium 2019.

You need only peruse the list of topics to know that most of the questions facing scientists today are addressed within the pages of The Urantia Book, and contemplated in the minds of readers like Marjorie Ray, Ralph Zehr, Bruce Johnson, Neal Kendall, David Neufer, Nigel Nunn, Phil Calabrese, Joshua Wilson, Tom Allen, Gard Jameson, and George Park.

Here is the list of their research papers and related live presentations:

Connecticut viewer Dave Elders emailed me that he had been watching Nigel’s presentation when he happened to glance at his phone. An article from the Washington Post entitled “Scientists are baffled: What’s up with the universe?” appeared in his news feed. He said the article took him right back into Nigel’s discussion of the Hubble Constant! What a coincidence—and such a validation.

The Scientific American article says, “We know what life is but not where the first spark came from.” The Urantia Book tells us, “When, in accordance with approved formulas, the physical patterns have been provided, then do the Life Carriers catalyze this lifeless material, imparting through their persons the vital spirit spark; and forthwith do the inert patterns become living matter.” 36:3.3 (399.5)

Through these symposiums, Urantia Foundation is cultivating a commitment to the exploration and study of scientific discoveries that validate what is revealed in The Urantia Book. They present a tremendous opportunity for outreach to an untapped population of scientifically minded agnostics and even atheists.

There will be another Science Symposium and hopefully we won’t have to wait three more years to enjoy it. The baton has been passed from Ralph to Marjorie Ray, who is already teeming with ideas for the next theme. If you would like to participate, please reach out.

Neal Kendall, Gard Jameson, David Neufer, Tom Allen, Joshua Wilson, George Park, Nigel Nunn, Bruce Johnson, Ralph Zehr, Marjorie Ray, Phil Calabrese
Back: Neal Kendall, Gard Jameson, David Neufer, Tom Allen, Joshua Wilson, George Park, Nigel Nunn
Front: Bruce Johnson, Ralph Zehr, Marjorie Ray, Phil Calabrese

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