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My Personal Experience at the Cultural Symposium

Khat Bernard
Khatukhira Bernard
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My Personal Experience at the Cultural Symposium

By Khat Bernard, Uganda

From the start of my presentation research, to the end of the symposium, everything was an adventure. As a truthseeker, I found this to be one of the most fruitful experiences I have ever had. It was my first time ever to commune with so many individuals who read The Urantia Book.

I met the industrious team at Urantia Foundation that did everything possible to make us understand the history of The Urantia Book and the work of the Foundation and how it relates to different readers around the world. What I saw and heard caused me to appreciate their dedication and determination in making sure the book is printed, distributed, and preserved accordingly.

The symposium opened my mind to the need to respect and understand the cultural diversity of the world and the different challenges this diversity presents in the spreading of the teachings. Examples include: institutional religion, traditions, politics, personal attitudes, and reading levels.

Questions related to the book were diligently answered by the Foundation team and the presenters. This inspired confidence and reinforced our motivation to make known the teachings of The Urantia Book in our respective countries. Their guidance has inspired me to introduce and promote the book in Uganda.

Lessons I learnt personally:

• Everything is possible if you have faith and believe

• You will always find the truth if you seek it

• The Fatherhood of God and Brotherhood of Man is possible

• Kindness, trustworthiness, faith, care, perseverance, unity, and, above all, love can bring great change among humans

• Sharing and giving are the basics of bridging gaps among us

• Tolerance for one another promotes peace and understanding

• Meditation and shared experience of the teachings inspire experiential spiritual growth

• The providence, guidance, and love of God are everywhere present for all to embrace.

Lessons we learnt about a culturally diverse world

• Appreciate every culture of the world: they all have something unique to share

• Every one of us is unique and experiences spiritual enlightenment differently

• We are globally one, but different in thought processes and how spirituality is experienced

The Urantia Book is not a religion

• Everyone needs the teachings of The Urantia Book

• Some world peoples are ready for The Urantia Book while others are not yet

• The concept of God is universal to all cultures though revealed in different forms and experienced differently

• Family affects our belief systems globally and so has influence in our choices.


• The cultural symposium be carried out again with different countries

• Representatives of various countries can make up a team/group that embraces the cultures of the world and the spread of The Urantia Book

• Different countries can hold their own cultural symposiums with assistance from Urantia Foundation.


I am grateful to God for having made it possible for this symposium to take place. From the inception of its idea to its completion, the inspiration was surely guided by God because it fully achieved its aim. I believe it was my time to receive inspiration and guidance, and now my time for service has begun.

I thank everyone involved for giving me a Urantia Book experience full of insight, revelation, and above all, God.