The Pipeline of Light--Seeding The Urantia Book Worldwide

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Michelle Klimesh

By Michelle Klimesh, Pipeline of Light reporter, California, United States, and Paula Thompson, director, Urantia Book Fellowship, Colorado, United States

The Pipeline of Light is an effort of the Urantia Book Fellowship to get The Urantia Book and all of its translations into the hands of people around the world who hunger for its life-giving teachings, especially those in developing countries.

The Pipeline was the Fellowship’s response to a need that was presented in the early 1990s by people from Estonia, Mexico, and Chile. In one instance there were a hundred sincere revelation students sharing just one Spanish Urantia Book. The cost of the book in many countries was prohibitive and so the idea of more affluent believers contributing to get books to those with fewer resources was an obvious solution.

It’s called The Pipeline of Light because a pipeline can bring essential resources to those in need. The idea is to keep it full so that it can continuously flow and bless all who sincerely crave what it brings.

In the first quarter of 2018, Pipeline of Light volunteers placed 456 copies of The Urantia Book into seven countries. With the stalwart assistance of Urantia Foundation, donations to the Pipeline helped deliver books to readers and study groups in Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, the United States, Peru, Australia, and Colombia.

Books sent out this quarter include four hundred twenty-eight Spanish translations, and twenty-eight English books. There was an increased flow into Latin America due to a gathering of readers in Mérida, the colorful capital of the Mexican state of Yucatán.

The current efforts bring Pipeline all-time totals to 8,309 copies of The Urantia Book placed into ninety countries around the world. Many thanks to the wonderful volunteers who keep this flow of books moving into the world for us and to Urantia Foundation for making translations readily affordable and available!

We deeply appreciate the contributions of our volunteers and our donors. If you would like to contribute to this work, please contact Paula Thompson at [email protected].

Thank you!

Derek Samaras
Derek Samaras
Derek Samaras, Jo Ann Weidman
Derek Samaras, Jo Ann Weidman

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