Noteworthy Decisions from the March 2016 Board of Trustees Meeting

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Judy Van Cleave
Claire Mylanus
Claire Mylanus
Line St-Pierre
Line St-Pierre

By Judy Van Cleave, Secretary, Urantia Foundation, Idaho, United States


Urantia Foundation’s 2015 Annual Report was published this month. The theme was spreading spiritual hope around the world. We hope the news of the Foundation’s projects and accomplishments inspire you to contribute to this work.

With the world financial markets showing higher than usual volatility, 2016 is proving to be a tough year for Urantia Foundation. Year to date, we are significantly behind the budgeted 2016 expenses and the actual donations in 2015. While we are doing our best to hold expenses below budget, your generosity is essential. Any size donation is needed and appreciated!

To read the annual report online, please click here (PDF).

Book Printing

Book sales for the French, Polish, and Portuguese translations have been higher than expected. Therefore Portuguese paperbacks were printed in June, French hardcovers will be printed in July, and Polish hardcovers will be printed in August.

Chinese Translation

The Chinese translation has been underway for years, giving us an opportunity to practice our patience. Most translations require about ten years to complete, but considering the difficulties in translating from English to Chinese, we project it will take additional time.

To assist the Chinese translation, the expanded board spent many hours during the April board meeting interacting with, listening to, and planning with the translation team. The team consists of Richard Zhu as chief translator, Vicki Young as editor, Neal Waldrop as consultant, and Jay Peregrine as IT coordinator. It was a productive weekend indeed!

Election of Officers

The board voted to have the following slate of Urantia Foundation officers for the next three years: Mo Siegel—president, Marilynn Kulieke—vice president, Georges Michelson-Dupont—international vice president, Gard Jameson—treasurer, and Judy Van Cleave—secretary.

Associate Trustees

The board reappointed Line St-Pierre to serve her last term as associate trustee.

The board appointed Claire Mylanus as an associate trustee emeritus and requested that she attend board meetings for the purpose of assisting Henk Mylanus with the ongoing project of European book distribution.

Basement Renovation

The board accepted a restricted gift of $20,000 to create a space in the basement for archived books and historical documents, a study area, and a place for educational events concerning The Urantia Book.

Trademark Renewals

The board reviewed current trademark practices and made needed modifications to its policies.

Foundation Info

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