What Does The Urantia Book Means to Me?

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Devon Landis

By Devon Landis, Pennsylvania, United States

In my moments of highest appreciation of heavenly things, The Urantia Book is literally the written words of a Divine Counselor, an Archangel, or a Brilliant Evening Star of Nebadon. In other moments, my Urantia Book is used as a makeshift pillow when I am traveling.

To me, written words are like a dry canal dug through the land. When I take a book, any book, and begin to read, my mind becomes like water which fills and flows through the channel―cascading, pooling, veering, holding, narrowing, or broadening in an ever-flowing stream of concepts.

Books are also like a window frame, allowing the reader to gaze upon a new and different landscape. An acquaintance recently said to me that “books are liberty.”

The Urantia Book is my favorite book. It begins like this:

“In the minds of the mortals of Urantia—that being the name of your world—there exists great confusion respecting the meaning of such terms as God, divinity, and deity. Human beings are still more confused and uncertain about the relationship of the divine personalities designated by these numerous appellations.” (1.1) 0:0.1

The Divine Counselor goes on to say:

“Because of this conceptual poverty associated with so much ideational confusion, I have been directed to formulate this introductory statement in explanation of the meanings which should be attached to certain word symbols as they may be hereinafter used in those papers which the Orvonton corps of truth revealers have been authorized to translate into the English language of Urantia.” (1.1) 0:0.1

These Orvontonian authors, the Divine Counselors, attempt to transport the human mind over eons of time and across unfathomable tracts of space all the way to Paradise, the dwelling place of God. From there, it flows back to the shores of the place of the physical person, the humble home world which we call “Urantia.” the place where we put into action the doing of the will of God.

I have read The Urantia Book once from cover to cover, and I am confident that some of my thoughts traversed that immense time-space gap between Paradise and me, and that I am immeasurably better for it.

Right now my literary endeavor is focused on reading the Catholic Bible from cover to cover (I am currently in the book of Kings). I am also active in various Facebook groups including Urantia Book Science, Urantia Book Philosophy, and Urantia Book and History. Someday I will reread The Urantia Book from beginning to end and will dig deeper the intellectual and spiritual channel between God and man.

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