How Discovering The Urantia Book Has Affected My Life

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Bill Evans
Bill Evans
Bill Evans

By Bill Evans, New York, United States

It was 1969. I was in my early twenties, pursuing my carefree career of surfing on Long Island, New York, when a few of us flew to Puerto Rico to find waves. We found them at an unknown, but now famous, coastal town called Rincón.

Several of the group decided to fly over to Barbados upon hearing about a storm there, which meant good waves. However, they found washed-out conditions. Seeking something to do, they descended into one of Barbados's caves with a boom box and the new Led Zeppelin album. After entering the pitch blackness of the cave, they played the tape to the end and sat in silence, when a strange voice broke in, talking about seventh heaven, Jesus, and other such topics. When they left, from out of the cave came a man in his fifties dressed in a long poncho. He said, in reply to their questions: “When you get back to the States, look up The Urantia Book.”

I wasn't there, but the story was relayed to me later at a party. It sparked something inside of me, and I had to find the book. I went to libraries and bookstores, but none had it or had heard of it. There was, however, a bookstore I knew of in Sayville, Long Island. It was run by an elderly couple whose entire life was books. But they had never heard of it either and claimed there was no such book. I insisted there was, at which time they produced a large volume marked “U”. Leafing through it, just before Uranus, I saw it: Urantia, Book, The.” He said “I can get you that book.” I ordered two, and a week later I picked up two big blue books.

One of them is still my book with puffy pages and a broken spine from sitting on beaches and passing it around. It has such character, and I treasure it!

I've been reading this blue book since the day I found it. At first I read it from cover to cover. Somewhere in the Jesus papers I knew it was the truth. It has changed my life and made me want to bring its message to others. I believe the road to damnation is broad and well-traveled, while His road is narrow, and few find it. I hope that my attempts to introduce people to the book lead them to the narrow road.

For me it’s brought a calmness that I never had before. I pray that the coins I've returned to the master are enough to get me to the first mansion world, so that I can do more. For sure, I believe that God is my Father, and that Jesus is his son and my brother, as is humanity.

I hope to meet you all—if not here―then on the first mansion world.

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