A Group Meditation at Urantia Foundation

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Share Beasley

By Share Beasley, associate trustee, Brandon, Florida, USA

Here I sit with people from North America and Europe: committee members, trustees, and associate trustees. They are from different walks of life. Some are young; some are middle age; and a few are elders. Many speak several languages, but we all communicate in English. This hallowed room where men, midwayers, and angels prayed, thirsted and dreamed of an uplifted planet years ago, is once again filled to overflowing with our prayers, dreams, and profound desires for an uplifted planet.

Through the efforts, determination, and dedication of our predecessors, we have the Urantia Revelation to enlighten us and to aid us with our spiritual growth. In addition to a narration of our planetary history from which we may glean knowledge and wisdom, The Urantia Book brings to life the teachings of Jesus. We are also presented with hope by way of a glimpse into our glorious destiny―to find God and be like Him! Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined being visited by such a profound blessing.

Marta Elders, with her natural exuberance, has voluntarily undertaken the difficult challenge of shepherding this group into deriving more spiritual leading and insight through a daily commitment to worship our Father in heaven and to pray for wisdom in dealing with an epochal revelation.

“Revealed religion is a new quality of divine wisdom which is added to purely experiential human wisdom.” (1101.4) 100:6.9

Marta also requested that we daily document our insights and inspirations, and that we commit to doing so for ten weeks. Did she forget that we have work, families, responsibilities, commitments, and holidays on the way? That didn’t stop her; she gently and regularly reminded us to complete our assignment.

We have gathered in the Forum Room, preparing for silent group meditation, and Marta shares our insights, inspirations, and images that we sent her in connection with our ten-week assignment. Among those shared are the following:

  • This is the gift of hope to humankind.
  • The light of faith illuminates the world.
  • Souls touching souls illuminate life.
  • Dare to inspire.
  • Incoming spiritual energy slowly but surely surrounds and illuminates the planet.
  • Profound eternal love spreads across the planet, transforming individuals, groups, and nations.

The room is pin-drop silent, yet the presence of spiritual power is palpable. I have little doubt that our Thought Adjusters, our guardian angels, the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit, and a few midwayers are present.

We are bound together in timeless silence for a while. As we conclude our meditation, we share several of our insights with those in the room. I feel comfortable sharing mine with you:

We believe in universal goodness.
We know that we are not alone.
We know that we are loved.
We know that we have powerful assistance from unseen friends.
We know that every person is important.
We know that every individual has a purpose.
We trust God, and He trusts us even more.
We realize that to lead we must inspire.

I believe we were all led to The Urantia Book, and now it is our turn to lead and seed the book and its teachings in our own realms and throughout the world, as such opportunities present themselves.

This morning’s meditation comes to a close, and as we sit in this historical room, we are inspired with one another’s insights and inspirations. We asked for guidance, and we got it. The rest of the day will be devoted to discussing how to apply our ideals and actualize our insights. I am quite aware that we are not alone, that this is really the project of our unseen friends. Through the actions of worship and wisdom, we allow ourselves to become their associates and temporary actors in this ongoing drama.

“Human evolution is still in progress, and the revelation of God to the world, in and through Jesus, shall not fail.” (2097.1) 196:3.33

And now our day begins…

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