Around the World with Urantia Book Ambassador Irmeli Ivalo-Sjölie

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Editor’s Note: The following are illustrations from Irmeli’s travels from September 2012 to January 2013.

Irmeli Ivalo-Sjölie and Martti Vanninen
The Finnish Urantia Association had a booth at the Minä Olen book fair in Helsinki. Minä Olen means "I Am." It is one of the most popular book fairs in Finland. We had the Finnish hardcover and softcover with the Swedish book in the middle. There were also brochures in both languages and our quarterly magazine, “Heijaste.”


At the Gaia Book Fair in Rastatt, Germany, there was a Urantia Book booth where copies of Das Urantia Buch and Geburt einer Offenbarung (The Birth of a Revelation) were sold.

Walter Sutter. Erwin De Craecker
Walter Sutter (Werner’s brother) and Erwin De Craecker at the Gaia Book Fair.
Irmeli Ivalo-Sjölie in Livraria Cultura
Irmeli visiting Livraria Cultura, a large bookshop in São Paulo, Brazil. “There were piles of Urantia Books, like pyramids rising high above all the others." They had both soft and hardcovers in the religious book section.
Irmeli Ivalo-Sjölie at the Blue Club
Irmeli showing off the newly printed perpetual calendars recently translated into German. She brought them to Paris when members of the Blue Club, European readers of The Urantia Book, were meeting with the Trustees.
Irmeli Ivalo-Sjölie in Rombach Bookstore
Irmeli visiting Rombach Bookstore in Freiburg, Germany. She was surprised to see Das Urantia Buch on the shelf. It took her years to convince the woman in charge of the spiritual book section to keep the book in inventory.
Irmeli Ivalo-Sjölie in Antiquariat Nigel Hornby
Irmeli visiting Antiquariat, a second hand bookshop in Oslo, Norway. Urantia Book reader, Nigel Hornby, placed an English hardcover there.
German Urantia Book readers
In Frankfort, Germany, the German Urantia Book readers held their sixth gathering at the Hotel Monopol. “We read the first two papers of the book. Christian Ruch led the group and facilitated our discussions. We decided it was time to form an association for the German speaking readers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.”

"On Saturday evening we had a quiet moment of remembrance for Wener Sutter, the man who got all of this going seven years ago; a devoted student of The Urantia Book, and a loyal son of God."

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