The Third Urantia Book Information Technology (IT) Roundtable

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By Barry Clark, Ft Lee, New Jersey, USA, and Mo Siegel, Boulder, Colorado, USA, IT Roundtable co-chairs

On the weekend of October 20-21, 2012, a group of twenty highly tech-savvy Urantia Book readers, along with the presidents of The Urantia Book Fellowship, Urantia Association International, and Urantia Foundation, met at 533 W Diversey Parkway in Chicago for the purpose of exploring technological cooperation across a wide variety of existing and potential services.

The discussions focused on technology-based dissemination and reader service opportunities in the social media realm (for example, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube), videography, eText publication, and other technology-based reader services - all of which were considered within the global context of a highly diverse and multi-lingual readership.

The camaraderie, the mutual respect, and the loving spirit of peace and goodwill among all of the group members cannot go unmentioned. It was palpable and directly experiencible and was expressed in honest communication and a spirit of cooperation and with a sincere interest in collaboration towards the goals we share.

And it is in this spirit of cooperation that the Urantia Book IT Roundtable will continue to pursue its mission, which is: Leveraging technology to further the Urantia Revelation and continually improving global reader services.

Urantia Book IT Roundtable 2012
IT Roundtable Attendees
Back row: Georges Michelson-Dupont, Barry Clark, Rob Reno, Mo Siegel, Jay Peregrine, Larry Watkins
Middle row: Andrew Rux, Scott Brooks, Lila Dogim, Andrea Barnes
Front row: MaryJo Garascia, Richard Jernigan, Gaétan Charland, Teuvo Orjala, David Kantor

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