An Audio Version of The Urantia Book in Portuguese

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Eliana Valéria Ferrin

Eliana Valéria FerrinEditor's Note: Urantia Foundation is pleased to announce that an audio version of O Livro de Urântia will soon be ready for download. The project is still a work in progress, but it is nearing completion. Following are two articles authored by the recorder and the audio engineer.

By Eliana Valéria Ferrin, Araraquara, Brazil

The production of an audio version of O Livro de Urântia, the Portuguese translation of The Urantia Book, began when, in order to understand its teachings better, I started reading the book out loud. After a while, I asked myself, "Why not record it?" What a gift of service this would be to current and future readers and to the fifth epochal revelation! And also what a challenge! What did I know about producing an audio book? Where would I begin?

Alone, with strong dedication and a recording devise, I began the project, and after two and a half years, I finished recording through Paper 78. At that point, Urantia Foundation learned of my work and offered its support. New recording equipment and software were provided and an audio engineer joined the project. "The act is ours, the consequences God's".

At the present time, the Foreword and Parts I, II, and III are available for download on the Urantia Association of Brazil's website, We are in the middle of recording Part IV.

With the support of my husband and daughter, I am committed to completing this project. May the angels assist all of us who are involved, so that the Portuguese-speaking people will be able to listen to the enlightening teachings of The Urantia Book.

Eliana Valéria Ferrin's recording equipment
Eliana Valéria Ferrin's recording equipment

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