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Irmeli Sjölie

Editor’s note: Former Associate Trustee, Irmeli Sjölie, continues to jet set the world engaging in Urantia Book activities. Following are some pictures of events and bookstores selling The Urantia Book.

Urantiaboken on the shelves in Vattumannen
Urantiaboken on the shelves in Vattumannen – a bookstore in Stockholm, Sweden. Sales: A few books each month.
Riitta Tuiri at the Harmony Expo
Riitta Tuiri at the Harmony Expo

Swedish readers had a booth at the Harmony Expo in Stockholm on October 29 and 30, 2011.

Riitta Tuiri, secretary of the Swedish association of Urantia Association International, attended along with Jacob Dix and a few other readers. Sales: Only one book, but many interesting conversations with attendees.

Marja-Leena and Kalevi Eklöf
Marja-Leena and Kalevi Eklöf at the "Spirit and Knowledge Exhibition",
which takes place every autumn in Helsinki, Finland.
Irmeli Ivalo-Sjölie outside Rombach bookstore
Irmeli Ivalo-Sjölie outside Rombach bookstore

Rombach is the largest bookstore in Freiburg, Germany. Das Urantia Buch can always be found on the shelves. When Irmeli and Werner Sutter first visited Freiburg, they gave a book to Romback Bookstore on condition that, when it sold, they would order another one from the German distributor. Rombach now sells Urantia Books regularly. It is found in the spiritual section and sells for 29 euros.

Werner and Irmeli attended the Gaia Book Fair in Rastatt, Germany in 2011. Next to their booth was the booth of a Rastatt bookstore that has been selling Das Urantia Buch since its publication in 2005. What a pleasant surprise!

Irmeli Ivalo-Sjölie holding <em>O Livro de Urântia</em> in Livraria Cultura, São Paulo, Brazil
Irmeli Ivalo-Sjölie holding O Livro de Urântia in Livraria Cultura, São Paulo, Brazil

The Portuguese translation of The Urantia Book sells very well in Livraria Cultura, a bookstore on Avenida Paulista in São Paulo, Brazil.

We found a stack of paperbacks, one hardcover, and an English hardcover there. They have placed the books in the "Christianismo" section next to the Pope’s latest book. They sell the paperback for 73 real ($41 US) and the hard cover for 93 real ($52 US).

Irmeli Ivalo-Sjölie inside FNAC
Irmeli Ivalo-Sjölie inside FNAC

FNAC is a large bookstore chain with 10 stores located in the big cities of Brazil: São Paulo, Campinas, Ribeirão Preto, Rio, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte, etc. They have placed The Urantia Book in the religion and spiritual section.

Irmeli Ivalo-Sjölie inside Buchhandel im Licht
Irmeli Ivalo-Sjölie inside Buchhandel im Licht

Buchhandel im Licht, a bookstore in Zurich, Switzerland.The Urantia Book is placed next to C.G. Jung’s book. The French and Italian translations can be found in another section in this store.

Irmeli Ivalo-Sjölie outside Bacchus Books
Bacchus Books in Golden, B.C., Canada. The Urantia Book has been sold there for years.

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