What The Urantia Book Means to Me By Michael Berry

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Michael BerryBy Michael Berry, Columbus, Ohio, USA

In the first 55 years of my eternal life, I have experienced many "game changing," life-impacting events: first physical life awareness, first moral decision, first day of school, first Little League home run, turning 13, finally winning a fight with my big brother, Daryl, being Toledo Mud Hen's batboy, the graduation of loved ones, first love, first kiss, loss of innocence, Secretariat turning for home, being captain of my high school baseball team, giving my life to God, true appreciation of my family, moving away from home, first day on a real job, living on the beach, making new friends, family health realities, moving back home, my mother's on-going smile, graduation of friends, marriage (finally), and my mother and brother's guiding light―just to name a few. And although I did not realize it at the time, 35 years ago, the most life-changing event of all was the day I found The Urantia Book, or perhaps it found me―I'm not sure which.

The Urantia Book has taught me everything I really need to know. It has revealed to me the deepest truths and mysteries of life and introduced me to so many wonderful fellow Urantia Book readers. It has made ultimate sense of the past, present, and eternal destiny of mankind. It is my spiritual-life guidebook and source for all things eternally significant. It has taught me the beautiful attributes of a great life and the values of being good, reasonable, wise, faithful, merciful, tolerant, truthful, trustful, trusting, appreciative, courageous, hopeful, patient, sympathetic, loyal, unselfish, humble, sincere, adventurous, curious, fearless, kind, fair, just, serving of others, loving of work, humorous, cheerful, zealous, enthusiastic, positive, calm, peaceful, righteous, ego-free, low in pride, prayerful, and worshipful―just to name a few.

What a blessing and privilege it has been to live most of this first life knowing just a few of the amazing absolute truths that Michael knew when he lived his life here on earth as Jesus. How great it has been that The Urantia Book has made me aware of the fragment of God that lives within me and that I can have a personal relationship with God through this divine gift…that God dwells within me and leads me Godward, every step of the way, and by choosing to cooperate with God and do his will, life continues after physical death.

I am forever grateful that The Urantia Book has taught me how to prepare for the eternity of life; to cherish every day of life; to love the truth; to desire to do good to others; that life is an endless career of adventure, an everlasting life of anticipation, an eternal voyage of discovery; and to simply love one another.

I love The Urantia Book!

Stay gold my brothers and sisters. I so look forward to growing with you throughout eternity and becoming perfected spirits in Paradise with you.

Life is beautiful!

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