Księga Urantii: The Polish Translation Has Reached the Readers

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Gosia and Paul Jaworksi

Compiled by Paul and Gosia Jaworski, Australia

The long anticipated Polish translation of The Urantia Book reached bookstores this September. We are observing the impact this is having on the thinking of Polish readers. People have been posting their opinions on forums and online bookstores. We thought you would find them of interest and have compiled some below.

“I became the owner of a printed copy of Księga Urantii. It is published as a hardcover on thin paper with small font. It also has a bookmarker. This book is impressive, and its contents are even more magnificent.” -Paterson

“In my opinion, this is the most valuable book ever to appear on our planet. If everybody studied and understood it, we would see paradise on Earth in a few years. If someone is not happy because of the many inconsistencies and misunderstandings in various world religions, this work is for him. Greetings to all searchers of truth!” -Kamil

“This is the most important book I have ever read. I’ve studied philosophy and read many books about various religions and philosophical ideas, but this is something different. It placed order in my mind, gave answers, and removed uncertainties for the future. I can guarantee that after reading this book, anybody can become a different person. Two thousand pages can be a bit scary at first, but later it becomes most absorbing.” -Marcin

“I have browsed through Księga Urantii, and what appeals the most to me is the story of the life and teachings of Jesus. As a Catholic girl, I’ve been educated on this subject. It’s pleasant to read about the teachings of Jesus in the evening, which is described in a very vivid manner. For me it’s similar to a movie. The idea that most impressed me, which can be found in many places of the book, is to completely subject myself to the will of God. And as Jesus recommends, it is not about following his doings in our human lives, but rather to act according to his teachings and to the will of God. It’s very calming.” -anonymous

Księga Urantii has been slowly embedding itself in the hearts and minds of genuine truth seekers in Poland. The book is in the largest Polish distribution channels and is available in hundreds of Polish bookstores, stationary stores, and online. It can be ordered from practically any bookstore.

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