When Great Britain Meets Little Brittany

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Claire Mylanus

By Claire Mylanus, Brittany, France

About two months ago, during a weekend in October, several English readers of The Urantia Book crossed the English Channel (we French call it "La Manche") and came to our home in Brittany, France, to join us for a weekend of Urantia Book study. We regularly receive groups of Dutch readers at our Breton style farmhouse for a weekend of topical study, but this time, it was the turn of the English readers.

We first met these English readers seven years ago at the 2002 international conference in Dourdan, France. Then, last April, at the international conference in Malaga, Spain, I met Ade Awoyinka again, and we agreed that it would be a good idea to organize something together. A few months later, we fixed a date and planned the whole event.

The English team decided to hold their annual summer meeting at our home, and their theme was: "The Family". They crossed the English Channel by ferry or by plane and arrived at Saint Malo, Brittany, on a Friday. After dinner at our place, they retired to a little cottage guesthouse and rested.

The next morning the study began. The program, prepared by the English team, was rich and very interesting. The categories were: 1) Adam and Eve, 2) Jesus as a Brother-Father on Urantia, and 3) Marriage and Family life. I had invited two French readers from our weekly study group who were able to understand enough English to follow the studies. The discourses were well prepared and time was allowed for much comment and discussion. We were all enriched by the sharing of knowledge, by the variety of subjects, and by the diversity of personalities around the table.

The next day, on Sunday, we went to "Le Mont Saint Michel" in Normandy, which is an hour drive from our home. It is one of the most mystical places in the world and is visited by thousands of tourists and pilgrims every year. After enjoying our day together, our visitors returned to England. It was a beautiful experience, where old friendships were renewed and new ones were made. We have agreed to work together again in the near future.

Sharing the Urantia Revelation across the globe is an uplifting and powerful experience. Cultural and linguistic differences seem to melt away when in the service of the Father. The dynamics of these meetings are incredible, and when people use their goodwill to act together, great things may and do happen.

Noel Briens, Ade Awoyinka, Henk Mylanus, Tina Mosley, Christopher Mosley, Kristina Stoianova, Gary Rawlings
Noel Briens, Ade Awoyinka, Henk Mylanus, Tina Mosley, Christopher Mosley, Kristina Stoianova, Gary Rawlings

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