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By Dorothy Elder, Chair of the Board of Directors of UBIS, California, USA

UBIS is like one big wheel that continues to turn throughout the year! As soon as one semester is underway, planning for the next one begins. During the summer months the annual Fall Teacher-Training course is planned, so the board, staff, and teacher-facilitators all have a hand in keeping the wheel turning smoothly during the 12-month cycle. Here are a few notes on our recent activities.

UBIS BOARD MEETING HELD March 14 and 15, 2009

After two months of in-depth planning and preparation, seven of the nine-member UBIS Board of Directors met in March in Chicago at Urantia Foundation headquarters for our annual "in person" meeting . This was an important meeting in which we laid the foundation and focus for the next ten years. We covered a lot of ground and many topics during the two-day meeting, but the main focus concentrated on these three areas:

  1. Curriculum. Polly Friedman presented an excellent and detailed plan for a new four-part Basic Core Curriculum program to be initiated by UBIS. After much enthusiastic discussion the plan was eagerly endorsed, and implementation of the plan is targeted for the September 2010 semester.
  2. Website. Early in 2009, UBIS received a generous gift for enhancing the UBIS website. After considerable examination of options in preparation for the meeting, and consequent meeting discussion, four priority upgrades were decided upon. The upgrade proposal is currently being finalized with additional input from the designer, and the work completion date is targeted for the September 2009 semester.
  3. Organization. It was decided that the UBIS volunteer work force will be enlarged with six additional staff members within six months. In addition, our volunteer program is rapidly growing, and ways to enhance our annual operational schedule were identified and decided upon. The need for operational funding was evaluated. In this respect, an annual budget and fund- raising activities will be established for the immediate future.


The April 2009 semester is currently underway, and for the first time UBIS is presenting a course designed as an introductory course for new readers. Polly Friedman is the Teacher-Facilitator for this course titled, "An Introduction to The Urantia Book." This culminates a year of our UBIS team's contemplation and discussion on the subject, and we are enthusiastic about its potential and as a learning experience. The course was fully enrolled with 18 students, including new and experienced readers from Russia, Brazil, South Africa, and Spain, as well as readers from the USA.


In closing, I want you to know that, without the dedication of such devoted volunteer board members, The Urantia Book Internet School would not exist. Each one fills a vital job that keeps UBIS functioning year in and year out. Thank you, Pam Maunakea, Susan Flacks, Georges Michelson-Dupont, Polly Friedman, Jay Peregrine, Jane Ploetz, and Betty and Ralph Zehr for all that you do and especially for the wonderful "Team Spirit" you bring to UBIS.

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