Gratitude To Those Who Serve The Revelation

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Mo Siegel

Greetings, fellow readers of The Urantia Book. I hope this report finds you healthy and happy. As those of you who attended the UAI Conference in Malaga, Spain, know, it was a delightful conference. Urantia Foundation’s Expanded Board of Trustees quarterly meeting was held two days before the conference and we thank the conference organizers for hosting our meetings. Special thanks go to Associate Trustee Olga López for her logistical support which made our meetings comfortable and efficient. Beyond the work accomplished at the meetings, we’ll treasure the new friendships established in Spain.

At the end of the Trustees meeting on Friday afternoon, Urantia Foundation hosted a Global Leadership Roundtable for leaders attending the conference. Some 25 people joined in a 2 ½ hour exchange of ideas and experiences. The attendees came from Asia, North and South America, Africa, and throughout Europe. Board members and roundtable participants were truly inspired by the faith, loyalty, and devotion of these leaders. On behalf of the Expanded Board of Trustees, thank you, participants of the roundtable, for sharing your heart- felt stories. The Board has a renewed understanding of the difficulties and opportunities that readers face as the Urantia Revelation expands into their countries. Most of our Board members live in nations where the book is somewhat established. How quickly we forget those early struggles and limited successes when the book first gets launched. Words can hardly express the thrill we felt as we heard details about the work these good people are doing as they bring this new revelation to their country. We stand in humble gratitude for their day to day efforts on this vital project. I suspect the angels rejoice as they watch them bring light to this world through their lives and their work for the Urantia Revelation.

A warm thank you goes to every member of the Board for their expenditure of volunteer time and money between and during meetings as they serve the Revelation and Urantia Foundation. If those of you reading this report could hear Associate Trustees Claire and Henk Mylanus describe their trials and tribulations as they dramatically improve book distribution in Italy, France, Spain, and Holland, you’d stand up and clap. If you could see the smile on Trustee Georges Dupont’s face as he showed us the new European Edition of El libro de Urantia, you’d feel confident about our future! Then there are the unsung heroes, Jay Peregrine and his team, who work tirelessly for the Urantia Revelation. I could go on about the day to day accomplishments of each member of our team because everyone is giving a tremendous amount of their life energy for this project. We’re truly blessed to have this Expanded Board of Trustees and staff at Urantia Foundation.

We are all part of a long- planned spiritual and intellectual unfolding aimed at bringing new understanding to the peoples of this world. The Trustees, Associate Trustees, and staff of Urantia Foundation deeply appreciate your support, work, prayers, contributions, and goodwill for the ongoing human efforts in behalf of The Urantia Book. Together we can and will plant seeds of truth that will someday enlighten and spiritually liberate all humankind.

Upward and inward,


Mo Siegel
President Urantia Foundation

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