The Urantia Community Endowment: A Fund for the Future

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Gard Jameson

By Gard Jameson, Treasurer, Urantia Foundation

The Urantia Community Endowment has been established to provide a long-term endowment for the benefit of the fifth epochal revelation. It is directed by a board of long-time readers who represent Urantia Foundation, the Urantia Association International, The Urantia Book Fellowship and other independent service groups. The Urantia Community Endowment is a cooperative and collaborative effort to provide financial support to the entire community of readers of The Urantia Book.

Three funds have already been established: The Urantia Foundation Fund, the Urantia Association International Fund, and The Urantia Book Fellowship Fund. These funds are managed by a professional money manager through the Nevada Community Foundation, which manages $50 million in assets. Through these funds, education, translations, book distribution, field-service work, and scholarships will be available. Many are the thoughtful and worthy projects in our community that struggle due to a lack of funding.

Think about being a blessing to the fifth epochal revelation by making a gift to the Urantia Community Endowment, which can be done during your lifetime or after your graduation. You can give to a particular cause, for example, seeding books in under-developed countries, or for more general causes, such as to the operation of a specific organization participating in the endowment. It is hoped that the fund will help foster co-operation, long-term stability, and goodwill for the Urantia Revelation.

The board of the Urantia Community Endowment consists of Cathy Jones, Toby Fox, Mo Siegel, Susan Cook, and Gard Jameson. For further information about the Nevada Community Foundation go to For more information about the Community Endowment, please contact Gard Jameson at [email protected]

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