Millennial Reflections

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Neal Waldrop

By Neal Waldrop Maryland, USA

Note: Neal Waldrop shares some of his thoughts and hopes for the future.

I am delighted that a great many readers of The Urantia Book have finally set aside the frictions that arose in North America in the 1980s and 1990s, so we can all love and respect each other and cooperate for common purposes. We will never have exactly the same viewpoints and should treasure pluralism and diversity. In effect this is what Jesus told the apostle James: "James, James, when did I teach you that you should all see alike? I have come into the world to proclaim spiritual liberty …" (the Midwayer Commission, 1591:6; 141:5.1).

Of all the decisions and actions that I promoted during these four years, the non-interference policy of 2004 is the achievement that I am the most proud of. This is a recommendation that was adopted as the standing policy of Urantia Foundation. By its wording the Foundation "affirms that the members of any social or fraternal organization … are entitled to manage their own internal affairs." The Foundation "will respect these rights, in part by refraining from counseling, proposing, or promoting actions or undertakings" by any social or fraternal organization. I regret that such a policy of mutual self-restraint was not in effect in the 1980s, for it might have averted some of the more serious difficulties that arose during that troubled period.

I am convinced that the inspiring truths enshrined in The Urantia Book are a turning point in human history, both for the world as a whole and for every human being who will inhabit our planet for centuries to come. Just as God ministers to each individual, promoting personal growth and self-realization, so also does he show his love for the world at large by actively and unceasingly promoting higher levels of human civilization, our mutual quest for the ages of light and life.

Since January 2004, I have been working with a small committee to develop a plan for idealistic service to individuals and groups in society who wish to promote progressive growth and development in the fields they know and cherish. Our spiritual model is the twelve corps of master seraphim (1254-1256 ; 114:6). Readers who wish to serve their fellows from these perspectives will work modestly and quietly, staying well in the background. They will live the revelation, not preach it.

This new activity will be independent of Urantia Foundation and separate from the social organizations. It will grow slowly and will operate on a regional basis. The committee is currently sharing our ideas with individual readers, while seeking comments and suggestions. We hope to launch public discussion in spring 2008.

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