The Dollar-A-Day Club

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In December 2003, Urantia Foundation began getting in touch with supporters to ask if they would give one dollar a day. If the Foundation received this amount from one-third of the people on its mailing list, it would raise enough money to fund all the work that is currently underway plus some new programs to make The Urantia Book and its teachings available in most regions of the world. The Foundation would have greater resources for dissemination and educational activities, translations, gift book programs, and worldwide distribution. (Less than five percent of the money required to run the Foundation comes from the sales of books. More than ninety five percent, virtually all of the money, comes from contributions.)

Many of you may already have received a call from one of our Board members inviting you to become one of these faithful contributors upon whom we rely to ensure financial stability. In response, a large number of readers have authorized the Foundation to debit their credit cards $30 per month on an ongoing basis, an approach that provides a steady stream of funds that enables the Foundation to continue its work.

Many readers who have joined our Dollar-A-Day club have told us that even though they have limited financial means, they can still afford one dollar a day - especially if they make the effort to put it aside on a daily basis. One person told us that he drops a dollar into a jar when he empties his pockets at the end of each day. Many others have said that this is mainly a matter of making a choice and a commitment to "do their bit" for the revelation, not really a question of financial resources.

If you would like to join our Dollar-A-Day club or be even more generous, please give us a call (1-773-525-3319) or send an E-mail message to [email protected]. Alternately, you could visit our website ( or get in touch with any of the Foundation's branch offices.

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