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Richard Keeler

In July, Portuguese joined the growing family of Urantia Book translations! Urantia Foundation is pleased to announce the publication of O Livro de Urântia, the Portuguese-language edition of The Urantia Book. This translation is now available on computer CD-ROM for a suggested retail price of $14.95 (ISBN 1-883395-24-0).

The CD-ROM contains the text in HTML format, which is universally accessible on computers using any web browser software. (Internet access is not required.) As an added bonus, the CD-ROM contains reference copies of the authentic English text and the Spanish translation, El libro de Urantia.

Following its U.S. release in July, the CD became available for worldwide distribution on August 21, 2003. Readers who gathered in Brazil to celebrate the bestowal life of Jesus of Nazareth were the first to receive copies of this much-awaited work. We hope that publication of this CD version of the translation will stimulate interest and financial support for the printed edition. Brazilian readers launched the printing fund by collecting over $700.

The publication of O Livro de Urântia will give nearly 200 million Portuguese speakers the opportunity to study The Urantia Book in their native language. Even prior to this publication, we witnessed a growing interest in The Urantia Book among native speakers of Portuguese. Readers in Brazil recently formed an affiliate of the International Urantia Association, a worldwide association devoted to studying The Urantia Book and disseminating its teachings.

Urantia Foundation now publishes The Urantia Book in English, Dutch, Finnish, French, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish, with fifteen additional translations in progress. In addition, Urantia Foundation offers a variety of workbooks and study aids that are popular with students of The Urantia Book.

The Foundation has published over 600,000 copies of The Urantia Book worldwide. Its publications and services are identified with the trademarks URANTIA and the Concentric-Circles Symbol.

Readers gather in São Paulo to celebrate the release of <em>O Livro de Urântia</em>
Readers gather in São Paulo to celebrate the release O Livro de Urântia
Front Row, on the floor: Leandro
Second Row, sitting: Caio Mário Caffé and Nancy, Luiz Carlos Dolabella, Mingo, Nivea
Third Row, standing: Nemias Mol, Sabino Hüttner, Susana Hüttner, Romualdo Salata, Rogério Reis, (unknown)

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