Foundation Meetings With North American Readers

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The Trustees of URANTIA Foundation have traveled extensively over the past 10 years, meeting with readers, receiving input, and exchanging ideas. These efforts to remain in touch with the readership continue. During the month of June 2000, Richard Keeler, President of URANTIA Foundation; Tonia Baney, Executive Director; and Cathy Jones, International URANTIA Association Administrator, traveled to eight North American cities to dialogue with readers about URANTIA Foundation's past, present, and plans for the future, especially as developed by the Matthew Project Task Force. Richard, Tonia and Cathy were joined by Trustees Gard Jameson and Mo Siegel, Foundation staff, and Matthew Project Task Force members at various stops along the way. The Task Force members included Bill and Sharron Beasley, Dorothy Elder, Tom and Carolyn Kendall, Nancy Shaffer, Mary Snider, and Bryan Snowden.

Meetings were held in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; League City, Texas; Phoenix, Arizona; Los Angeles and San Francisco, California; Portland, Oregon; and Vancouver, British Columbia. Local groups or individuals in each area hosted the meetings. The Foundation's representatives received a warm welcome and en oyed the opportunity to exchange ideas with so many interested readers around the country. They learned that, in addition to International URANTIA Association members, there are many other readers who are genuinely interested in, and supportive of, what the Foundation is doing.

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