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One of the main objectives of URANTIA Foundation is the protection of the inviolate text of The URANTIA Book. Our short history shows that this is not an easy task. Sometimes the Foundation must rely on the legal justice system and on our copyright in The URANTIA Book to ensure its protection.

Over the years, we have kept the readership informed of our efforts in this very important task, and we shall continue to do so. We reported in the last issue of URANTIAN News (June 2000) that Harry McMullan's Michael Foundation, Inc., filed suit against URANTIA Foundation requesting the court to declare the copyright in The URANTIA Book invalid or, alternatively, to rule that Mr. McMullan's publication entitled Jesus-A New Revelation, consisting of Papers 121-196 of The URANTIA Book, does not infringe the copyright. The case has been set for trial in April 2001.

For more detailed updates on this ongoing case, please contact URANTIA Foundation.

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