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New Associations Of The IUA

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New Associations Of The IUA

Several new associations of the International URANTIA Association (IUA) have been licensed in recent months. Estonian readers have formalized their relationship with URANTIA Foundation and IUA by forming the URANTIA Association of Estonia. There are more than 100 readers of The URANTIA Book in Estonia, many of whom began studying the book during the Russian occupation.

Mexico and Central and South America have been enjoying rapid growth in readership as is evidenced by the increasing sales of El libro de Urantia. Recently a new local association was formed in South America. It is called URANTIA Association of the Southern Cone and is composed of members from Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and Bolivia.

In North America, the three existing Canadian local associations of the IUA have formed a national association, the Canada URANTIA Association. Over the years, the number of readers in Canada has steadily increased in both English- and French-speaking regions. By forming a national association, our fellow readers in Canada can now better coordinate their coast-tocoast activities and better serve their constituents.

The IUA has also expanded to 23 local associations in the United States. The most recent addition was the URANTIA Association of Utah. In order to better serve their members, the formerly combined Missouri-Kansas URANTIA group has become two separate organizations, the Kansas City URANTIA Association and the Zebedee Guild of Missouri.

The IUA is a task-oriented, social and service organization formed by URANTIA Foundation to foster the in-depth study and orderly dissemination of the teachings of The URANTIA Book. It does this by means of a minimal, flexible organizational structure. Is not associated with any religion. A total of 35 local and national associations are licensed worldwide. These associations provide a venue for readers to gather, to increase their understanding of the teachings, and to pursue worthy dissemination-outreach goals. These associations are interdependent with URANTIA Foundation. Its members support the Declaration of Trust Creating URANTIA Foundation and the Foundation's ownership of the copyright and the marks. The associations of IUA use the Concentric-Circles trademark with the permission of URANTIA Foundation. We welcome the new associations of the IUA into our growing organizational community of readers.