Unity Initiatives

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An independent group of readers, who called themselves "The Millennium Initiative Committee," came together recently to explore ways to foster better relations within the URANTIA Book reader community reader community. This committee was composed of a group of volunteers who are now or have been active in either the Fellowship or the International URANTIA Association.

The committee expressed to the readership that the goals of the Fellowship and the International URANTIA Association (IUA) are strikingly similar. Yet relations between these two reader groups have been strained, causing substantial amounts of time and energy to be diverted from the true objectives and purposes of both organizations.

The participants presented a recommendation to the IUA and the Fellowship that they form a working alliance in order to continue the unity process. Their intent was to encourage the two organizations to initiate dialogue in order to reach a higher, more meaningful level of harmony and cooperation, with a unity of spirit, within the reader community.

These initiatives have now been shaken by the illegal publishing of Part IV of The URANTIA Book.

The Charter of the IUA declares support for the Foundation's copyright and marks and agrees to work in cooperation with the dissemination goals. Members of the IUA consider the preservation of the inviolate text of The URANTIA Book to be an important aspect for the successful worldwide dissemination of the revelation.

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