Youth And The URANTIA Book

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A group of young readers recently got
together at 533 for impromtu study

A group of dedicated young readers of The URANTIA Book, who desire to meet and join together the youth of the Urantia movement across the globe, have been working together to establish communication channels for readers who are under 30 years of age. A website and email discussion list for youth have been established which include descriptions of young readers, an opportunity to "chat" on the net together, and a "guestbook." It also includes information on upcoming conferences and an invitation to join the youth discussion list.

A database has been established and is being used to encourage young readers to network with one another. One young reader wrote:

In order for young people to become enthusiastic about sharing the teachings of The URANTIA Book (or just enthusiastic about reading the Book), we need somehow to tailor the social aspects of Urantia readers to the youth. People my age need to feel comfortable about spending time with people our parents' age, and we need to have the support of others our own age who are struggling with reading this huge Book, and are struggling with understanding many of its concepts. I love discussing the teachings with people my own age, who are struggling with similar things in life, and who have a similar understanding of the Urantian concepts. It's exciting to discover things for ourselves rather than have them "taught" to us. I encourage all the older readers to talk to your children and let them know that things are happening amongst the younger generation and that they are not on their own in the daunting world of being a second generation Urantia Book reader.

As our youth are a powerful medium to spread the teachings throughout our world and are important for the future success of this revelation, URANTIA Foundation wishes this group well in its activities.

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