Reader Comments About The Urantia Book

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"I would like to thank everyone responsible for insuring the perpetual life of the Urantia message. Our advanced truth has enriched my life, bringing together in the physical knowledge that inside me I already knew and suspected to be true. Reading it has reinforced my God Consciousness as well as my place in creation." ~ Seattle, Washington, USA


"Having recently embarked on the reading of The URANTIA Book, I am finding numerous parallels within the text, with my own inner thoughts, concerning the source and centre of existence." ~ NORWAY


"I have recently started reading The URANTIA Book and am already very impressed with its content. It has already proved itself invaluable in my ongoing research into the nature of life, the universe, and everything."


"Dear ones—Thank you so very much for bringing this divine Revelation into my life experience." ~ Glendale, Arizona, USA

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