Mustard Seed Grants Program

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The Mustard Seed Grants Program is designed to attract new and innovative approaches to advancing the Trust of Urantia Foundation.

Eligibility Requirements

Grant funds will be awarded to applicants that meet eligibility requirements. To be eligible, the prospective project must align with the purpose of Urantia Foundation as outlined in its Mission, Vision, Values, and Principal Object. Further, the eligible applicant must:

• Be a student of The Urantia Book

• Submit two letters of recommendation from members of the Urantia community

• Document the existence of matching funds of at least 25% of the total cost of the proposed project. Matching funds must be available at the time of application.

• Demonstrate a history of service (service resume) and experience completing similar projects

If you meet the above criteria, we welcome you to apply for a grant.

Program Areas

Funded projects may include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Educational Programs, Centers, Schools

• Secondary Publications

• Music, Art, and Film

• Digital Outreach (Visual/Audio)

• Interfaith Projects

• Family-Based Programs

• Book Fairs

Grant applications for Round One are no longer being accepted.

Foundation Info

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