Contagious Love—A Mustard Seed Grows in Nigeria

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Emeka Anazodo
Shola Agagu
Shola Agagu
Collins Lomo
Collins Lomo
Daniels Hussaini
Daniels Hussaini

By Emeka Anazodo, Lagos State, Nigeria

Editor’s Note: Emeka was a recipient of the first round of Mustard Seed Grant awards on behalf of the Urantia Peace Initiative. He proposed an annual conference in Lagos, Nigeria, with the goals of consolidating the reader base in Nigeria and fostering meetings between truth seekers and Urantia Book readers.

I am pleased to report on the recent Urantia conference held in Lagos, Nigeria, on September 1–2. The theme was “Contagious Love,” and the event attracted 63 participants in person and more than 10 viewers via live stream. While some of the logistics proved challenging, due partly to heavy rains, I think it was a very successful conference! We met our three major objectives, which were:

1. To bring together in one place longtime readers and Urantia Book study group members who are scattered across Nigeria, to get to know one another, deliberate on the objectives of the revelators of The Urantia Book, and find common ground to work together in the dissemination of its teachings.

2. To bring together members of the public, especially youth, and introduce them to the teachings through the conference activities.

3. To provide free copies of The Urantia Book to leaders and new readers.

The Urantia Peace Initiative (UPI) is registered as a non-governmental organization with the aims and objectives of 1) fostering peace and unity among all people irrespective of culture, religion, tribe, or color and 2) introducing the teachings of The Urantia Book to all interested people.

This conference provided a forum for us to reunite and bond. Collins Lomo, Urantia Association International’s Continental Coordinator for Africa, and Khatukhira Bernard of Urantia Foundation’s Urantia Book International School (UBIS) traveled great distances from Ghana and Uganda respectively to be a part of our event. Collins served as emcee.

Other African presenters included Charity Charles, Shola Agagu, David Onche, Chike Martins, Daniels Hussaini, Samuel Benson, and Maya Anazodo. Together we deliberated on the following topics:

• Why are we disseminating The Urantia Book, and what are our different approaches?

• The value of personal experience and music in ministry.

• The Publication Mandate, and the need for study groups.

• The need for a central Urantia library in Nigeria.

UPI is grateful for the financial support it received from the Mustard Seed Grants Program of Urantia Foundation. We are also grateful to the Urantia Book Fellowship’s International Committee for providing part of the matching funds that made this event possible. And last, but certainly not least, UPI wishes to wholeheartedly thank all participants of this event for making it informative as well as enjoyable!

“Love is only born of thoroughgoing understanding of your neighbor’s motives and sentiments.” 100:4:6 (1098.3)

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