What The Urantia Book Means to Me - Luis Costa

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Luis Costa
Luis Costa
Luis Costa

By Luis Costa, Lisbon, Portugal

When asked to express in a few words what The Urantia Book means to me, I immediately felt overwhelmed by the daunting nature of the task. This feeling arose from the book's extensive coverage of countless subjects, the realization of my limited understanding and evolving perspectives, and the challenge of conveying the intricacies of the soul through a coarse language that lacks mota, the essence of spiritual insight. If only I were a poet, which unfortunately is not the case.

In simple terms, The Urantia Book holds tremendous significance for me, surpassing mere importance and venturing into the realm of all-encompassing significance. Despite being born in a profoundly Catholic country and even after spending over a decade in an Advaita Vedanta ashram, leading a monastic life dedicated to service, spiritual gatherings, and meditation, while adhering to vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, I have never aligned myself with any specific traditional religion, be it Eastern, Western, Shamanic, New Age, Naturistic, Agnostic, or Atheistic. I appreciate the various perspectives but do not identify myself, and even less comply, with any belief system.

It was amidst this fragmented situation that the Urantia Revelation arrived, like a wave of love, wisdom, and clarity, to moisten and unite the scattered fragments of matter, thought, and values that comprised my life. The Urantia Book’s unifying force formed a cohesive whole that is far from stagnant, continually fermenting and expanding in sync with the rhythm of the Supreme.

As I journeyed through self-awareness from a young age, I noticed that regardless of the source of my awakening, it carried within it a personal sense of morality, a distinction between right and wrong, or at least between better and worse. It instilled in me a yearning for love, a desire to serve, and an unwavering attraction to Beauty, Goodness, and Truth, even when the external world seemed to hinder or deny them.

Now, equipped with a comprehensive understanding and vocabulary for these profound experiences, encompassing concepts such as the Thought Adjuster, the Trinity, the journey from birth to the development of the soul, the notion of survival, fusion, and the fulfillment found in worship, as well as the intricate relationship between energy, mind, and value, and the alluring call of the Supreme, I find myself immersed in a vast tapestry of interconnected ideas within an ever-expanding cosmology.

With this newfound knowledge, I can joyfully dance within a universe that emanates tender and loving care, embracing the boundless expressions of divine guidance and support.

In essence, The Urantia Book is the pillow upon which I rest my weary head at night, the compass that guides me throughout the day, and the source of an undeniable faith that the world, life, and God are not only what I have always yearned for but infinitely more than I could ever comprehend.

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