What The Urantia Book Means to Me - Constance “Konni” Wallach

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Constance “Konni” Wallach

By Constance “Konni” Wallach, California, United States

When asked to share my story, I jumped at the opportunity to look back and subtotal my thoughts on what The Urantia Book means to me. Being in the later years of my sojourn in the material realm of time and space, I realize that the book has given me a map to follow. The road leads to my cosmic destiny as a mortal finaliter on Paradise, a destiny I could not have dreamed possible earlier in my life.

My journey began with seeking answers to nagging questions from my early religious training. Sadly, my earlier years were scarred by the tactics used to make me believe that only a fear-based religion could render me worthy of God’s approval. But as I read the book, especially the Jesus papers, my newly acquired spiritual values wiped out all fear.

Thanks to the leading of my Father fragment, with his steady and heartfelt love, I have accomplished some spiritual growth, albeit kindergarten level compared to that of an ascending finaliter. This growth has been facilitated by reading and rereading The Urantia Book, combined with many years of online courses.

I find it interesting that so many readers claim that the book found them. This was true in my case. When my stepson was in college, he got involved with the “love and peace” movement, ended up on drugs, and was incarcerated. Fortunately, he was a brilliant student, so they put him to work in the library. It was there that a volunteer introduced The Urantia Book to all inmates who were interested. His letters home witnessed a new person emerging, which eventually saved his future spiritual life, and brought meaning to his mortal life.

Today, he is a scientist who believes wholeheartedly in the truth of The Urantia Book. With a doctorate in herpetology, my stepson is now a retired Harvard professor who writes books for children, teaching them to not be afraid of reptiles.

Having witnessed my stepson’s changed set of spiritual values, I decided to read this extremely large book with very thin pages. As daunting as it was, something inside was telling me I must read this book. Fifty years later, I am still reading and studying every day. And in my many travels around the world, it has given me pleasure to share the teachings with my fellow man.

What a gift this book is to all who take up the challenge to read it! The book taught me that this material life is only a bridge to the next. As I slowly put the puzzle together, piece by piece, the purpose of my existence became clear. The book gave me direction for my soul, with answers about how to attain everlasting life. The concept of joyful service took root in my mind. I came to understand that soul growth comes not by leaving the book on a shelf, not even by reading it consistently, but by putting into action the spiritual values it teaches you.

I learned that the internet can be a conduit of sharing and helping my classmates from around the world. I am very grateful to Urantia Foundation for their free classes, run by volunteers. Together we experience the growth and expansion of spiritual meanings. And when others are struggling with a topic, I can share my previously acquired knowledge and possibly be of help to them. We move through this short mortal life together in love and service.

What a gift this book has been to read and act upon! It has expanded my soul and given me a vision of joyful service performed day by day, just as my creator-father Christ Michael showed us by his example during his life as a mortal. Thanks to this book, the leading of my Father fragment, and the Spirit of Truth, I move through these twilight years with the certainty of eternal life.

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