2022 Here We Come!

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Gard Jameson

By Gard Jameson, treasurer, Urantia Foundation, Nevada, United States

What a thrill to be alive on this planet in 2022! As a result of the Urantia Revelation we have been given an awesome gift—the knowledge that we are headed toward the era of light and life. We have also been given an ‘awesomer’ gift, the indwelling presence of God, by which we may leave a legacy of helping the planet and its current and future inhabitants move toward that golden age of numinous spiritual attainment and deep moral insight.

There is only one “superfinite” choice possible to you and to me in this life: when we choose to find God and become like him. I invite you to dive deeply into the delightful well of divine presence in 2022, to develop a more joyous awareness of God’s presence in your life, and to manifest that presence in your self-selected, divinely inspired avenues of service, beginning with a smile for each and every person you meet.

I would like to share a story that occurred on my alma mater college campus. A young lady learned about the power of mirror neurons (look them up) to bless another person. In her dorm was a Goth young lady who always scowled and growled at her fellow students. She decided to smile at this young lady every time she saw her. And she did. After three weeks, the Goth young lady came up to her fellow student and said, “Thank you for seeing me.”

We know that Jesus changed lives, often with his fraternal and friendly smile. In spite of all the difficulties in our world, let each of us smile our way through 2022, gifting God’s presence to each person we meet. Let each of us be a beacon of “unfailing forgiveness, matchless good will, and abounding love.” 194:3.11 (2064.3)

After all, we have much to smile about. Our generous donors, supporters, and volunteers have secured a new year full of positive and prolific prospects. Through an extensive collection of quality translations and revisions, a growing international online school, and the new Android App, Urantia Foundation will continue seeding The Urantia Book and its teachings globally.

For these blessings, and for each of you traveling toward a future bright with the light of revealed truth and expanded cosmic consciousness, we are thankful. And may you be blessed as you mirror God’s love through your smiles!

Gard Jameson
Gard Jameson

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