Experiencing International Brotherhood through Urantia Book Internet School

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Ulises Pedrique

By Ulises Pedrique, Florida, United States

Editor’s Note: Ulises is a teacher-facilitator in the Spanish branch of Urantia Book Internet School (UBIS) and joined the global board of UBIS in July 2020.

I am originally from Caracas, Venezuela. My home is now a beautiful paradise in North America called Venice, Florida, in the United States. This is where my first contacts and encounters with Urantia Foundation, specifically with UBIS, began. Currently I am residing in South Korea, from where I am addressing you now. (This is temporary, although it has lasted longer than expected. But that is not the subject of this story.)

The Urantia Book came into my hands in 2008 in a subtle and inevitable way. It was love at first sight. From the beginning its incomparable revelations coincided with my way of seeing and conceiving the world, the universe, and my relationship and communion with God. These teachings fueled in me an intense desire to know and learn more about these eternal and spiritual realities. And since then, I have been hooked on them, scrutinizing, discovering, unveiling, and sipping every day the new and wonderful mysteries that are contained in this mighty spring of wisdom’s living waters.

The book led me to know Jesus better. It showed me new and wonderful truths. It taught me a new and better way of feeling and living, more in line with the spiritual and divine cosmology, and directly aligned with these recently revealed plans, purposes, and designs of the will of God for us in this life.

Through this study, first alone and then with the international courses of UBIS, my cosmic vision of reality has been strengthened and expanded day by day, allowing me to meet, understand, and befriend a large and incredible group of personalities from all over the world, who share and enjoy—like me, in brotherhood, harmony, and love—our common and professionally ordered search for this divine truth, a new and expanded truth that incites and promotes the study of this new revelation.

And so, I continue learning, sharing, and enjoying this incredible and exciting adventure, not only as a student but also as a teacher-facilitator. This last role has allowed me to offer and transmit to others—gently, responsibly, and generously—the teachings acquired in this wonderful process of intellectual, religious, and spiritual improvement in which, since then, I have been immersed.

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