Urantia Foundation Annual Report 2020

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An Anchor in the Storm

“Such a life on such a planet” feels like the appropriate theme for 2020. Who would predict that the world would shut down because of a global pandemic? Yet from tribulation, the world learned that using genomic medicine produces quick and effective vaccines and “We is greater than Me.”

When COVID-19 struck, our offices closed, and teams worked from home. We wondered if we could keep the 2019 momentum. Like the rest of the world, we adapted. Committees, special projects, education, translations, revisions, and the staff and volunteers didn't miss a beat. Thanks to over 80 individuals serving with Urantia Foundation, the work reached a new high-water mark for bringing The Urantia Book and its teachings into the world.

Some important 2020 accomplishments: Urantia Book sales surpassed 21,500, and more than 108,000 books were downloaded; nearly completed the Spanish revision, the Hebrew translation, and the enhanced English e-book; added two new associate trustees and activated the Outreach Committee; reorganized UBIS and enrolled 733 readers in classes; finalized the Filipino translation team; participated with 102 Taiwanese and 26 Chinese people in the first Chinese language conference; launched the new multi-language book; and finished the year under 2019 expenses and the conservative 2020 budget.

With heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to our unseen supervisors, staff, volunteers, and generous donors, we thank you!

Mo Siegel

On behalf of the trustees of Urantia Foundation

Gard Jameson, Marilynn Kulieke, Georges Michelson-Dupont, Mo Siegel, Judy Van Cleave

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The Mission of Urantia Foundation Is to Seed The Urantia Book and Its Teachings Globally

Sales, Distribution, and Printing

  • 17,761 Physical books sold
  • 3,855 E-books sold
  • 21,894 Books distributed (sales, gifts, and outreach)
  • 108,963 Books downloaded from urantia.org
  • 20,095 Books downloaded from the Apple app
  • 10,000 English Urantia Books printed

Urantia Press Imprint Label

  • 1,956 Copies sold ~ 5,144 Copies reprinted
  • 294 Copies sold


As the world shut down, we stayed open thanks to technology, social media, and our 24/7 online presence!

24-Language Website

  • 1,836, 318 Sessions
  • 3,572,787 Page Views
  • 1,088,989 New Users
  • 108,963 Urantia Books Downloaded from urantia.org

Now in 24 Languages

  • Bulgarian
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Estonian
  • Farsi
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Hebrew
  • Hungarian
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Lithuanian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish


  • 21 courses for 310 English-speaking students
  • 9 courses for 122 French-speaking students
  • 13 courses for 202 Spanish-speaking students
  • 4 courses for 99 Portuguese-speaking students

New Spanish Revision ~ a Decade in the Making

Spanish Revision Team
Spanish Revision Team, working together since 2011
L-R: The late Carmelo Martínez, chief reviser, Spain;
Aníbal Pacheco, Chile; Olga López, Spain;
Víctor García-Bory, Mexico;
Raúl Pujol, Puerto Rico.

A gift of love for Spanish-speaking people around the world!

Over time, translations need improving, and the current Spanish versions were no exception. The new revision is faithful to the original English, linguistically accurate, and stylistically beautiful. The team preserved as much as possible of the 1993 Latin American translation, while using the European translation as a reference tool. This new international edition will be available soon.

The Revelation Bridge Endowment Fund

Established 2017

Our mandate is to secure Urantia Foundation so that it safeguards The Urantia Book and its teachings. The Revelation Bridge was established as an endowment fund for future generations.

Create your legacy by sustaining the Foundation for your grandchildren and beyond. Please call your lawyer or write a notarized codicil assigning assets in your will to Urantia Foundation.

Our deepest gratitude goes to the following donors who contributed $ 1,706,487 in estate gifts in 2020.

  • The Malcolm Neal Survivors Trust
  • The Estate of Michael Dentler
  • The Estate of Richard Keeler
  • The Estate of Steven Moje


2020 Audited Operational Financial Summary
Book Revenue  Jan-Dec 20 
Sales of The Urantia Book $195,950
Cost of Books Sold ($166,173)
Gross Profit from Books $29,777
Public Support and Non-Book Revenue  
Restricted Contributions $52,766
Unrestricted Contributions $706,439
Estate Contributions $1,706,487
Rent & Other Income $103,545
Total Support & Non-Book Revenue  $2,569,237
Functional Expenses   
Programs ($539,790)
General and Administration  ($123,539)
Fundraising  ($60,913)
Total Functional Expenses  ($724,242)
Change in Net Cash Before Investments $1,874,771
Supplemental Items  
Book Printing (136,841.78)
Real Estate Tax  Reassessment $7,614
Change in Net Cash Before Investments Less Supplemental Items $1,745,544
2020 Functional Expenses before Supplemental Items
2020 Functional Expenses before Supplemental Items
Programming $539,790
General Administration  $123,539
Fundraising  $60,913
2020 Sources of Operational Revenue and Support
2020 Sources of Operational Revenue and Support
Unrestricted Contributions $706,439
Restricted Contributions  $52,766
Estate Contributions $1,706,487
Rent and Other Income $103,545
Gross Profit from Books  $29,777

Foundation Info

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