Learn About the New Revision of El libro de Urantia

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11th Urantia Association International Virtual Conference

The 2021 edition of El libro de Urantia will be available this summer. It is the product of an unprecedented team effort, which was motivated by love and grounded in a professional translation methodology using seven components:

• An international revision team

• An advisory study group

• An English-speaking Urantia Book student counselor

• A Spanish language professional consultant

• Evaluations by independent linguistic professionals

• Exclusive translation software

• Work and Quality Assurance processes

Each of the translators had a distinctive role. Learn more about the processes, the objectives, and the methodology of this dynamic team by joining our panel for an interactive discussion at the 11th Urantia Association International Virtual Conference, broadcast from Peru.

You must pre-register in order to participate.

Sign up for the free online conference here: https://register.urantia.org.pe/en.php.

Select the 2 p.m. CDT (GMT -5) workshop on Sunday called “New Spanish Revision (“La Nueva Revisión”).

Live interpretation service will be provided.

In loving memory of our dear brother and friend Carmelo María Martínez Ortíz de Zárate


El Libro de Urantia - La Nueva Revisión
El Libro de Urantia - La Nueva Revisión

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