Dancing with God ~ Our Supreme Calling Retreat

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Line St-Pierre

By Line St-Pierre, associate trustee emeritus, Québec, Canada

Today many women are feeling the call to make a difference in creative ways. The Dancing with God Retreat this past September—this time entitled “Our Supreme Calling”— was an educational and transformative weekend for a group of 13 women ages 51 to 82 who gathered at Urantia Foundation in Chicago to nourish both the body and soul. The three days of the spiritual retreat circle with the Daughters of God enabled them to open themselves to new possibilities.

At the end of the retreat, the participants spoke of the joy of getting out of their heads and into their hearts and experiencing the support of other women to claim their space and to speak up. They appreciated being able to share their inner lives with God and others in this intimate atmosphere, and to celebrate their unique feminine spiritual experiences.

The women trusted this safe environment to share their innermost lives without shame, guilt, or judgment. We all were positively touched by the love, comfort, and healing we experienced as a spiritual family. One woman generously offered to set up a web page for us so others would become aware of our work.

Through this retreat ministry, now in their sixth season, the four facilitators, Carolyn Prentice, Doreen Heyne, Katharina Becker, and Line St-Pierre, have consistently created a safe and comfortable milieu in which spirits can lead and souls can be touched. In these gatherings, women share their inner lives with others and experience something beautiful together, a connection which we will carry throughout eternity.

The Daughters of God group would love to offer this retreat to other groups to encourage more women to appreciate their value and to embrace their own calling to ministry. If you would like to host a retreat locally, we would be happy to travel to your retreat site to work with your group. If you plan a date, gather 8 to 10 women, and reserve a venue, we will come to conduct the retreat. We look forward to empowering more women to follow their spiritual longings for sisterhood and outreach.

Please contact Line St-Pierre for more information at [email protected]

Mary Fedus, Teresa Mathias, Jane Ploetz, Carrie Prentice, Melinda Watson, Sue Frogg, Peggy Brown, Katharina Becker, Geri Posner, Angela Lippi, Doreen Heyne, Jennifer Martin, Line St-Pierre
Back: Mary Fedus, Teresa Mathias, Jane Ploetz, Carrie Prentice, Melinda Watson
Middle: Sue Frogg, Peggy Brown, Katharina Becker, Geri Posner
Front: Angela Lippi, Doreen Heyne, Jennifer Martin, Line St-Pierre

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