What The Urantia Book Means to Me - Agnès Lazar

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Agnès Lazar

By Agnès Lazar, Belgium

What is the meaning of The Urantia Book for me? This is the question I was asked. I cannot answer it without first talking about how this book came into my life.

One night in January 2001, in tears, completely depressed by things I was going through and seeing around me, I asked God to show me the true meaning of unconditional Love, as He had never stopped loving me. In September of the same year, I found myself face to face with an instructor of the Truths contained in a big, blue book. This man of God, filled with love, patience, and kindness towards me, taught me, to the rhythm of my own thoughts, how God is Love, how much He loves me, and that it is good to discover Him within myself. This man welcomed me with all my fears, my doubts, my questions, my tears, and especially my deep desire to know my Creator—and he taught me for hours and hours without expecting any compensation!

In writing these lines, I see, feel, and perceive the significance of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness in service. This man was the channel through which God Himself approached me with all His Love. Even before I read The Urantia Book, the transformation of living that the revelators suggest to us, demonstrated by this servant of God, had deeply touched me to the point of inspiring my own spiritual path: serve, serve, and serve dynamically!

And so, I proceeded to read The Urantia Book all the way through. Motivated by service, I first personally explored the meaning of all the passages of the book that provided keys of transformation in my current life: the mansion worlds, the psychic circles, the religion papers, the Thought Adjusters, the life of Jesus, Rodan, and other important topics. Gradually transformed, I began to come into contact with people whose souls were thirsty as mine had been years before. God was and always is in every encounter.

So what is The Urantia Book to me? It is an extraordinary toolbox through which I draw nourishment for my expanding soul, food necessary for the Adjuster to work in my mind, this thinking, feeling, and perceiving mechanism of my being, to help my mental functioning for more effective service.

Service is all around me! When I let go and let God guide me, He brings me exactly to where He wants me to be. He led me into a prison to approach His children who have been flayed alive, abandoned, and rejected by society, to remind them how much He loves them. It is in this place of misery that I experienced the immensity and simplicity of unconditional Love!

From day to day, I realize the power of the brief definition of love that the book offers us: “Love is the desire to do good to others.” 56:10.21 (648.4) Adding my personal touch: Love is doing good to others!

I am filled with gratitude for the journey toward my Father which has also put me on a path to serving my brothers and sisters. I must also pay tribute to the man of God who fed my soul: Moussa N’Diaye, who graduated from Urantia on March 29, 2019. May God continue to bless him abundantly where he is now.

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