Ways to Help Spread the Urantia Revelation

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Mo Siegel

By Mo Siegel, president, Urantia Foundation, Colorado, United States

1. Place Urantia Books into all types of libraries

If you are looking for a fun service project, you can place Urantia Books in:

• Public libraries

• Religious libraries (seminaries, churches, ashrams, synagogues, etc.)

• Hotels, youth hostels, cruise ships, and other libraries provided for travelers

• Hospital libraries

• Private libraries

• Coffee shops with "free book" shelves

• Waiting rooms where people look for something to read.

Over time, it has become increasingly difficult keeping the book on bookstore shelves. Now is the time to innovate by placing books into all types of libraries. Urantia Foundation will provide you with library books at the lowest possible price. Here is our policy: https://bit.ly/2VtGrWo. For logistical details, contact us at [email protected]. Better yet, please buy The Urantia Book on Amazon and give it away. When you purchase books on Amazon, the book stays relevant to their algorithms. Relevancy prevents a book from falling into obscurity.

Urantia Book Amazon Reviews

2. Help get 1000 reviews on Amazon

Today The Urantia Book has 782 reviews on Amazon. If you haven't reviewed the book, please go here (https://bit.ly/30gBkYv) and do so. Your 5-star ratings matter. Most people buy books based on reviews. One thousand good reviews make a bold statement about the most important book on earth.

The Untold Story of Jesus

3. Order The Untold Story of Jesus—A Modern Biography from The Urantia Book to introduce his life and teachings

After 12 years in the making, Urantia Press has published a new book: The Untold Story of Jesusa Modern Biography from The Urantia Book. The book's mission is to capture many of the great stories and teachings from the Master's life. If you’ve been hesitant to introduce your family and friends to the teachings of Jesus from the revelation, this book can help.

The book has over 140,000 words from Part IV of The Urantia Book. "Of all human knowledge, that which is of greatest value is to know the religious life of Jesus and how he lived it." 196:1.3 (2090.4)

The original editor spent nearly five years producing the first draft of the text. After she finished, an editorial team spent two years reviewing the manuscript. They ensured that the right parts of the right stories ended up in the text. Collectively, that editorial team had read The Urantia Book for over 300 years. After they finished, a team of experienced book designers created maps, designed pages, and triple-checked for errors.

There are 106 paintings by 35 of the best religious artists over the last 200 years. Many of the commissioned illustrations portray scenes only found in The Urantia Book. The paintings bring familiarity and gravitas to the majestic words found in Part IV. "The high mission of any art is, by its illusions, to foreshadow a higher universe reality, to crystallize the emotions of time into the thought of eternity." 48:7.23 (557.7)

Please help and go to Amazon (https://amzn.to/2Q7bSQA) and order the book. Once you receive it, please rate it. The quality and quantity of your ratings make a persuasive difference to potential buyers. We need 200 5-star reviews ASAP. Thank you!

4. Download the new free Android app when completed

Today there is a fantastic app for Urantia Book students who use Apple devices. Yet, 85% of all smartphone users have Android phones. Because of this, we have hired a firm to develop an easy-to-use Android app for The Urantia Book. We expect to have it by December 2019. For Android users, you can help by downloading the app when it’s ready. Then spread the word that the free app is available. This app includes not only the English book, but also the Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Polish, and Hungarian as well.

5. Remember the Revelation Bridge Fund in Your Estate Planning

The Revelation Bridge Fund was established in 2017 to ensure that The Urantia Book would be available to truthseekers to find in the generations to come. This fund financially bridges the baby boomer generation to the upcoming millennial and Z generations. Your estate contributions put a safety net under the Urantia Revelation. For more information, please visit urantia.plannedgiving.org.

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