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Noteworthy Board Decisions from the April 2019 Trustees Meeting

Judy Van Cleave
Judy Van Cleave
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Noteworthy Board Decisions from the April 2019 Trustees Meeting

By Judy Van Cleave, secretary, Urantia Foundation, Idaho, United States

1. The Spanish Revision

When finalized in 2020, the new and improved Spanish revision will replace the current Latin American and European editions. After nine years of work, the revision is in the final copy/polishing phase.

The Foundation’s translation and revision process is designed to produce the best translations of the English text. After producing two Spanish translations, we have learned that one high-quality translation is better than two. Multiple translations cause confusion in study groups and can result in disagreements as has been seen in Korea. It also causes confusion with book distribution as we have experienced in Russia. You could imagine the chaos if many versions of the English book existed. We believe that reader communities are best served with one translation.

2. Fighting City Hall

We continue to fight the 300% tax increase Chicago put on 533 Diversey. Legal measures have been taken to roll back this crippling Chicago property tax increase. With optimism, we are jumping through hoops to reverse the new assessment. In county records, you see many mistakes made by the county assessor's office. But it's a tough legal job convincing a financially troubled city to lower taxes. 533 is the birthplace of the fifth epochal revelation, and we need your financial support to safeguard this historic building for future generations.

3. Board Reports

The board reviewed: a) a report from the president and the executive director, b) a financial and an investments report from the treasurer, and c) reports from the following committees: Book, Education, Governance and Nominating, Finance, Fundraising, Outreach, and Translations.

4. Sponsoring Community Activities

In Q1 we sponsored two regional UAI conferences in Estonia and Nigeria. We are also prepared to support the Fellowship's Pipeline of Light's efforts of placing Spanish Urantia Books in Latin America.

5. Election of Urantia Foundation Officers

The board voted for the following slate of officers for the next three years: Mo Siegel—president; Marilynn Kulieke—vice president; Georges Michelson-Dupont—European vice president; Judy Van Cleave—secretary; and Gard Jameson—treasurer