Dancing with God - Our Supreme Calling

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A Retreat for Women at Urantia Foundation

There is still time to Register!

The Daughters of God facilitator team (Katharina Becker, Doreen Heyne, Carolyn Prentice, and Line St-Pierre) invites you to an intimate, experiential, and fun weekend. During our next retreat we will once again co-create a milieu of trust within a spiritual circle. Together we will explore and share our personal experiences and discoveries of how we answer this calling to dance with God, which is an open invitation to bring God's love into this world by pursuing a spirit-led unified life that creates our tomorrow through our life today.

We will delve into questions such as:

• How do you allow yourself to be divinely led?

• What are the moments, the circumstances, when you fall out of step?

• What is the melody that resonates within your soul?

The cost for the three days is $250.00 and includes all meals and shared overnight accommodations on a first-come basis. For more information contact [email protected].

Dancing with God

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